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Overview for Gallium Nitride (GaN)  Solutions

Gallium nitride (GaN) is an exciting new technology offering new levels of performance and density for switching power converters. TI is committed to supplying industry leading power GaN components and easy-to-use modules that meet next generation system requirements and TI's high standards of quality and reliability.

GaN FET modules

Integrating GaN FETs and drivers into one, easy to use package.

GaN FET drivers

Award-winning high-speed gate drivers enabling high power density and design simplicity, available in single and dual channel low-side as well as high-side/low-side configurations.

Analog power control

Application-specific analog power controllers for deploying GaN power switches in today's high-frequency power converters with ease.

Digital power control

Harnessing the power of GaN power switches using fully programmable digital controllers that offer the flexibility to implement high-frequency switch mode power converters and investigate advanced power topologies.

Advantages of GaN

  • Low input and output capacitance reduces switching losses in hard-switched converters and allows higher switching frequency in hard-switched and soft-switched converters.
  • Near-zero reverse recovery charge losses in hard-switched, half-bridge converters enables new topologies such as totem-pole PFC.
  • Greatly reduced switching loss reduces transition period and allows faster switching speeds while reducing or eliminating heat sink.

Download the GaN vs Si white paper(PDF, 946KB)

Why integrated GaN FET modules with TI?

  • Ease of use, single QFN packaging replaces three CSPs.
  • Optimized layout minimizes inductance creating the lowest switching loss possible with clean waveforms. The increased lead spacing meets creepage requirements and eliminates the need for underfill.
  • Increase power density, maximized dV/dt immunity, and drive strength optimized to enhance efficiency and reduce noise.

A comprehensive methodology to qualify the reliability of GaN

Texas Instruments is an industry leader in semiconductor technology, with longtime experience in bringing reliable semiconductor products to market, including non-silicon technologies like ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM). We are well-suited to bring reliable GaN products to market through GaN-relevant qualification methodology and application-relevant testing.

Download the reliability white paper(PDF, 892KB)

GaN design support

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