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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Solutions

Learn about TI's GaN ecosystem made up of GaN FET modules, GaN FET drivers, and GaN FET controllers.

  • LMG5200
    80V GaN half bridge power stage

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  • LMG3410
    600V driver integrated GaN FET power stage

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  • TPS53632G
    48V to POL GaN single-stage controller

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  • LMG5200POLEVM-10
    GaN 48V to POL EVM

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  • LM5113
    5A, 100V HB Gate Driver for GaN

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  • Jump start your designs with GaN TIDesigns

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GaN FET modules

Integrating GaN FETs and drivers into one, easy to use package.

GaN FET drivers

Award-winning high-speed gate drivers enabling high power density and design simplicity, available in single and dual channel low-side as well as high-side/low-side configurations.

GaN FET controllers

Analog and digital controllers easily pair with GaN products to enable a variety of high frequency applications.

Why GaN?

  • Cooler: Delivers 3X lower switching losses
  • Faster: Enables >5MHz switching frequencies
  • Smaller: Provides 4X higher power density
  • Easier: Integrates GaN FET, driver and protection in 1 package

Download the GaN vs Si white paper(PDF, 946KB)

GaN TIDesigns

Leverage GaN tools and technical resources created by our power experts to easily evaluate and integrate GaN solutions into your design.

  • Design with our high voltage, high efficiency PFC and LLC reference designs for telecom and server PSUs powered by LMG3410 600 V GaN Power Stage
  • Achieve multiple single-stage 48V power conversion designs with the LMG5200 80V GaN Power Stage
  • Put our boards to the test: High Voltage GaN development boards LMG3410-HB-EVM and LMG34xx-BB-EVM
  • Take advantage of our rich, technical content like GaN power application notes and models
  • Read about the latest GaN knowledge from TI's power experts in the Power House blogs and GaN E2E forum

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Why integrated GaN FET modules with TI?

  • Ease of use, single QFN packaging replaces three CSPs.
  • Optimized layout minimizes inductance creating the lowest switching loss possible with clean waveforms. The increased lead spacing meets creepage requirements and eliminates the need for underfill.
  • Increase power density, maximized dV/dt immunity, and drive strength optimized to enhance efficiency and reduce noise.

Download the Integration white paper(PDF, 1MB)


Texas Instruments is an industry leader in semiconductor technology, with longtime experience in bringing reliable semiconductor products to market, including non-silicon technologies like ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM). We are well-suited to bring reliable GaN products to market through GaN-relevant qualification methodology and application-relevant testing.

Download the reliability white paper(PDF, 892KB)

GaN Ecosystem

TI continues to reduce barriers to adoption by developing the GaN ecosystem to enable new and unique topologies:

GaN design support

TI E2E Community

Ask questions, share knowledge, solve problems with fellow engineers.

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