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LM3290 and LM3291: Envelope Tracking Power Supply

  • All-band 3G/LTE support, including full LTE20 (100RB) bandwidth
  • Integrated DC Boost
    • Eliminates need for maximum power reduction (MPR)
    • Supports low battery voltages down to 2.5V
  • Very low Receive Band noise
  • Seamless transition between Average Power Tracking and Envelope Tracking modes of operation for best efficiency at low and high power output

LM3248: Low Voltage Battery Cascaded Boost-Buck DC/DC Converter for 2G, 3G, and 4G RF Power Amplifiers

  • Adjustable output voltage enables battery current and heat dissipation savings
  • Seamlessly and automatically supports output voltages above or below VIN or VBATT
    • Ideal for low voltage battery applications
    • Enables high output power and linearity even at low VBATT
    • Ideal for high load line PAs (i.e. CMOS PAs), even at low battery voltage
  • 2.5A load current and very fast output transition time supports GSM/2G operation

LM3263: Buck DC/DC Converter with MIPI® RFFE Digital Control Interface for 2G, 3G, and 4G RF Power Amplifiers

  • Adjustable output voltage enables battery current and heat dissipation savings
  • Supports MIPI RFFE digital control interface, including additional platform specifications and commands
  • Very small, cost effective solution: <10 mm2
  • Supports up to 2.5A for GSM/2G operation

LM3279: Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with Analog and MIPI® RFFE Digital Control Interfaces for 3G and 4G RF Power Amplifiers

  • Seamlessly and automatically transitions between buck, boost, and buck-boost modes of operation to support RF power amplifier voltages above, near, or below VIN or VBATT
  • Includes MIPI RFFE digital control interface for compatibility with next generation RF front end designs
  • Wide VIN and VOUT range supports low voltage batteries and high load line power amplifiers

LM8335: MIPI® RFFE to GPIO Analog Expander

  • Converts MIPI RFFE control inputs to analog GPIO for up to 8 devices
  • Very low standby current: 2 µA
  • Maximizes component selection flexibility by enabling use of analog-only controlled components in systems utilizing MIPI RFFE digital control


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LM3248 2.5A Adjustable Boost-Buck RF DC/DC Converter