Hall effect sensors

Industry-leading low power, highly reliable, cost-optimized solutions for magnetic position sensing

High reliability

Robust protection with best-in-class operating voltage (up to 38V) and temperature range (up to 175°C)

Ultra-low power

Lowest power (<1µA) sensors designed for use in battery-powered applications


Reduce BOM and board space with ultra small package options for cost optimized designs

Digital Hall effect sensors

  • Latch, unipolar, omnipolar switch sensors
  • Wide voltage and temperature support
  • Ultra-low power options

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Analog Hall effect sensors

  • Linear output
  • Bipolar sensing
  • Fully protected with reverse battery and load dump protection (40V)

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Known for robust durability and dependable operation, Texas Instruments DRV5000 magnetic Hall effect sensors are the simplest solution for any position sensing application. Whether simply detecting the closing of a lid/surface or performing complex motor commutation, TI’s Hall effect sensors will reliably and accurately sense the position in any system.