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Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R)

Download the latest edition of the Power Management Selection product selection guide.

The Fundamentals of Power Supply Design

Order your copy of the new power supply design book written by Bob Mammano.

TI Power Supply Design Resources

Browse through three decades of technical material by power experts.

Power Topologies Quick Reference Guide

17 of the most common hard switched power supply topologies available for you in an easy download-and-print option.

Power Topologies Handbook

200 pages filled with a collection of power supply topology waveforms and equations.

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Application notes

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AM335x PMIC Selection Guide (Rev. A) PDF 98 19 Sep 2019
Improve Efficiency in TWS Earbuds with Buck-Boost Converter PDF 86 18 Sep 2019
How to Load TPS2388x SRAM and Parity Code over I2C (Rev. C) PDF 37 17 Sep 2019

Selection guides

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431 Device Nomenclature (Rev. B) PDF 143 18 Sep 2019
Voltage Supervisors (Reset ICs) Quick Reference Guide (Rev. G) PDF 383 11 Jul 2019
TI Space Products (Rev. G) PDF 5596 15 May 2019

Solution guides

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431-Q1 Device Nomenclature (Rev. A) PDF 99 11 Jul 2019
UCC28C4X-Q1 selection guide for automotive isolated DC/DC aux power applications PDF 198 07 Jun 2019
Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A) PDF 8013 21 May 2019