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A Smart Metering Solution

Check out this three-phase energy metering solution that delivers the high linearity required for accurate power measurement and the isolation necessary to meet industry standards regulating power and communications for e-metering.

Key Solution Features:

  • Highly-integrated, multi-channel, multi-bit , analog front end
    • Reduces board space, design time and complexity in design of analog signal path
  • Precision isolation amplifier
    • Provides a highly effective barrier to magnetic interference without distorting input signal
  • Multi-channel digital isolation
    • High voltage protection and ground isolation with data rates accommodating emerging e-metering protocols
  • 32-bit microcontroller with high performance integrated peripherals designed for real-time control
    • Processes system data and runs communication protocols

Featured Products: 

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  • ADS131E08 – Analog front-end for power monitoring and control
  • AMC1100 – 4.25kVPEAK isolated amplifier
  • ISO7241C – Quad channel, 25Mbps digital isolator
  • TMS320F28027 – 32-bit high-efficiency MCU with onboard memory
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