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C2000 real-time microcontrollers – Industrial drives

DesignDRIVE solutions for industrial servo and AC inverter drives

Fundamental building blocks for industrial drive development

  • Hardware and software optimized field oriented torque control
  • Flexible rotor position feedback
  • Multiple current sense techniques and isolation architectures
  • Flexible real-time connectivity for industrial communications
  • IEC61508 Functional safety support

DesignDRIVE development resources

C2000 industrial drive control SOC

Industrial drives system software

Features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive support saves development time
  • Fast current loop
  • 3 current/voltage sensing options
  • 5 position sensor options
  • Over current protection
  • Supported on the DesignDRIVE development Kit TMDXIDDK379D MCU
    • F2838x, F2837x, F28004x series
    • High voltage TMDXIDDK379D EVM
    • Low voltage LaunchPad + BoosterPack
  • Future proof – perodic enhancement releases
  • Available today in C2000Ware MotorControl SDK

Computation and transforms
  • • Fast current loop implementation
    • < 1.0 µs on C28x at 200MHz
  • TMU-accelerated space-vector modulation, Park, Clarke
  • Multi-axis support
  • • Scales from F28004x to F2838x series of C2000 MCUs
Observer (optional)
  • • Virtual rotor position feedback
  • • Sliding mode or FAST™ observers
Loop control
  • • Position, speed and torque control loops
  • • Cost-effective power circuit design
  • • Enables optimal profiles and move trajectories
Actuation and protection
  • • Immediate update mode PWM
  • • Flexible on-chip routing of trip sources and qualifications
  • • High-resolution PWM
  • • Drivers supporting concurrent Σ∆, fluxgate and shunt current sensing
  • • Programmable over current detection hardware
  • • 50ns prop delay protection—over current to PWM trip
Industrial communications
  • EtherCAT® stack (ETG)
  • • LWIP Ethernet
  • • CANOpen stacks (Third party)
Rotor and load position feedback
  • • Position sensor master examples
    • Digital: EnDat 2.2, BiSS-C, Tamagawa T-format, incremental
    • Analog: resolver, SIN/COS
  • • Configurable logic block to customize examples
  • • Performance test results
Drive Control SOC
Right Block Diagram

Fast Current Loop  (FCL)

FCL takes advantage of unique hardware parallel processing and software cycle scavenging techniques to produce the most optimized FOC software example using C2000 MCUs.

Benefits of FCL include:

  • More than triple the bandwidth of traditional current loops
  • Less than 500 ns for FOC torque control processing
  • Sub-cycle PWM update
  • Current feedback double-sampled per PWM period
  • Loop response measurement tools included

Industrial communications

TI C2000 real-time control MCUs offer flexible options for EtherCAT, Ethernet, and CAN.

EtherCAT options include

1.      Integrated EtherCAT on TMS320F28388D

Download the TMS320F28388D EtherCAT Slave Stack Solutions 

2.      External EtherCAT controller with any C2000 over EMIF or SPI

Download the EtherCAT Slave Stack Solutions

View the EtherCAT reference design 

3.      Interface to Sitara™ microprocessors for multi-protocol support 

Position manager technology

Features and benefits

  • Save development effort and reduce system costs
  • Reference hardware with example software 
  • Supports the leading analog and digital position sensors including:
    • Resolver
    • SIN/COS
    • QEP
    • Absolute Encoders
      • BiSS-C
      • EnDAT2.2
      • Tamagawa t-format
  • Absolute encoders delivered as library or customize examples using the configurable logic block:
Sensor type
Tested length
C2000 MCU supported devices
Technical documents
TI Solutions
Incremental ~ 12,000 rpm N/A Encoder dependent

TMS320F2803x, TMS320F2806x,


TMS320F2807x, TMS320F2837xS,


Download C2000 eQEP Module
EnDat 2.2 / 2.1 8 MHz 100 m Up to 35 bits See all CLB-enabled devices Download EnDat 2.2 Absolute Encoder Master Interface Reference Design for C2000 MCUs
BiSS-C 5 MHz 100 m Up to 26 bits See all CLB-enabled devices Download BiSS-C Absolute Encoder Master Interface Reference Design for C2000 MCUs
t-format (Tamagawa) 2.5 MHz 100 m Up to 24 bits See all CLB-enabled devices Download

Tamagawa T-Format Absolute Encoder Master Interface Reference Design for C2000 MCUs

CLB tool based example

SIN/COS ~ 12,000 rpm 1 m <.0025º


TMS320F2807x, TMS320F2837x,


Download Interface to Sin/Cos Encoders with High-Resolution Position Interpolation Reference Design
Resolver > 3,000 rpm ~1 m >13.47 ENOB Any C2000 MCU Download C2000 Resolver to Digital Conversion Kit

High-performance, high-precision and smart sensing


Precise and concurrent sampling of all three motor phases and DC bus with zero jitter

ADC post processing

On-chip hardware reduces ADC ISR complexity; shortens current loop cycles

Sigma Delta Filter Modules (SDFM)

Enable galvanic isolation with reinforced delta sigma modulators, like TI’s AMC1304

Multi-axis, multi-level and flexible PWMs

Up to 16 ePWM pairs

Can generate high- side/low-side PWMs with deadband for multiple axes or multi-level inverters

PWM phase relationships and timer synchronization

Makes advanced time based control possible:

  • Configurable phase offset and time synchronization between PWM waveforms
  • Support for cycle-by-cycle modification of the each PWM phase value

Time-base sync on

  • Period event / Zero event / SYNCIN event / S/W Sync event
  • Compare logic C and D for finer positioning of ADC SOC, interrupts or for resetting Σ∆ filters
  • Preconfigured logical operation options in digital compare to qualify tripping

High resolution PWM transitions

Provide 150ps steps for duty cycle, period, dead band and phase offsets for 99 percent greater precision

One-shot and global reload

Of shadow registers to active registers

Shadow load sync on

  • Period event / Zero event / S/W Sync event
  • Simultaneous register update across modules

Double buffered (shadow) registers

Allow updates while PWM register in-use; synchronized loading

System protection

Analog comparators

On-chip overvoltage protection eliminates external components; completely analog path to trip; generates STO 50ns detection to trip time!

Digital compare

Event generated when selected logical evaluation is true. Inputs from trip-zone input, ePWM crossbar or input crossbar. Trips and syncs PWMs, triggers ADC and generates interrupt.

ePWM crossbar

Over 60 on-chip trip sources including Analog compare, ADC, SD filters, capture and ADC post-processing compare.


Is a fast, configure-once path to shut down the PWMs without software intervention (no ISR latency)

Featured literature


Configurable Logic Block (CLB)

The CLB peripheral allows you to augment existing C2000 peripherals and implement custom logic.  This can enable you to integrate critical functions into a single C2000 MCU and reduce in size or completely eliminate your FPGA, CPLD, or external logic components.  

Things that can be designed with the CLB:

  • Advanced PWM protection schemes for reliability and safety
  • Complex PWM generation, burst mode PWM, and periodic blanking
  • Complex signal capture and sequence detection
  • Logic based filters and signal conditioning
  • Task profiling and time threshold monitoring
  • Highly customized general purpose outputs
  • Pulse train outputs
  • Absolute encoder interfaces
CLB integration

System integration with CLB

CLB overview diagram

CLB interconnect to on-chip peripherals

Performance for real-time industrial motor control

Up to 400 C28x MIPS

  • Single cycle execution across pipeline
  • Single-cycle trigonometry instructions
  • Complex math, FFT acceleration

Up to 400 CLA MIPS

  • Independent processing of multiple control loops
  • Optimized for math
  • Fast interrupt response

TMS320F2837xD MCU at 200 MHz features two C28x and two CLA co-processors for 800 total MIPS.

TMU-accelerated Park transform

C28x performance chart formula
C28x Faster CPU Cycles

TMU-accelerated resolver angle

C28x performance chart diagram
C28x CPU Cycles 7x faster

C28x Field oriented control loop

C28x CPU Cycles 2x faster

CLA real-time co-processor

CLA real-time co-processor

Functional safety for industrial drives

C2000 MCUs come with a variety of collaterals that can help you develop functionally safe systems that can comply with a wide range of standards for end products in industrial drives.