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C2000 real-time microcontrollers – Electric vehicles

C2000 MCUs built for electric vehicles

C2000 real-time microcontrollers have a rich history in automotive applications. Design leading edge topologies to increase efficiency and power density with our unique architecture anchored by a 32-bit DSP core, advanced PWMs, integrated fast ADCs and windowed comparators. C2000 MCUs enable:

  • Better driving performance
  • Longer range per charge
  • Faster charging
  • Higher power density
Electric vehicle features

On-board charger

As more electric vehicles enter the market, OEMs and Tier 1s will be challenged to provide on-board charging solutions that can support multiple regions with different power grid infrastructures.  C2000 offer OEMs and Tier 1s the ability to scale across a wide power range with the same software code base.  


  • Advanced topology support for high-efficiency and low THD
  • Scalable portfolio for modular or integrated design


  • Enables EV range
  • Enables faster charging
Electric vehicle charging

DC/DC converter

With the advent of Wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor devices, such as GaN and SiC, that show superior material properties compared to the Si devices, the C2000 Piccolo™ TMS320F28004x family of solutions is well suited for multiple power topologies for DC/DC (bi-directional) with specific features and software libraries that make development of power electronics with a smaller footprint, at a lower cost and ease of development. 


  • 150ps high resolution PWM that enable switching frequencies >500 kHz
  • Charge high voltage DC link capacitor from 12V battery
  • Advanced topology support for high-efficiency and low THD
  • Special techniques to improve efficiency (i.e. peak-current mode control)


  • Improved power density based on WBG
  • Remove expensive relays to reduce cost 
  • Enable EV range
EV car engine

Traction inverter

In order to achieve high performance while maximizing driving range and minimizing energy loss, more attention is needed on selecting the right motor and control techniques.  TI’s C2000 real-time microcontrollers have been the MCU of choice for many motor control applications in automotive. 


  • Dual motor with speeds targeting >20k rpm
  • Industry’s fastest current control loop <2uS
  • Advanced motor algorithms including Fast Current Loop, observer algorithms and a Motor Fault Diagnostics Algorithm
  • Virtual Back-up Resolver with high resolution16-bit ADC


  • Better driving performance
  • Maximize torque to enable EV range
  • Reduce physical motor size and increase efficiency
  • Detect and respond to motor winding faults
Powertrain image

DC charging (pile) station

To provide an overall positive customer experience through fast charging and maximize the deployment of as many charging stations as possible, the technology that goes into a charging station must be efficient, safe and cost-effective. C2000 built-in features such as Configurable Logic Block (CLB) make the development of power topologies such as three-phase, three-level ANPC bidirectional inverter/PFC simpler, at a lower BOM cost and faster time to market. 


  • 150ps high resolution PWM that enable switching frequencies >500 kHz
  • Configurable Logic Block (CLB)
  • Integrated comparator subsystem (CMPSS) 
  • Software frequency response analyzer and compensation designer


  • Pair with GaN or SiC power devices for 3x higher power density 
  • Maximize power output of DC chargers for ultra fast charging 
  • Simplify hardware-based protection scheme without FPGA or CPLD for lower cost & less parts
  • Easy & reduced development time


charging station

Automotive HVAC compressor module

InstaSPIN-FOC™ is a sensorless motor control solution ideal for compressors and auxiliary motors within the vehicle.  With motor parameter identification and automatic tuning, even those new to advanced motor control can have high performance control within minutes.  InstaSPIN motor control solutions can provide full torque at low speeds (<500rpm) which reduces power usage, increases overall efficiency, and allows for use of smaller, more compact motor designs.


  • <400 rpm full torque to high speed
  • InstaSPIN-FOC motor control solutions


  • Increased dynamic range
  • Increased overall efficiency and use of smaller, more compact motor designs 

C2000 electric vehicle solutions

TI offers a broad portfolio of C2000 real-time microcontrollers so that original equipment manufacturers or their suppliers can scale from designing individual power electronic modules to integrated modules that can combine together On-Board Charger (OBC), Bi-directional High Voltage DC-DC, and a High Power Traction Inverter.  The latest released C2000 devices enable developers to meet ISO26262 Functional Safety standards with an ASIL D Decomposition Architecture. The simplified functional safety design enables easy safety standard compliance and faster time to market.

C2000 device family
Performance ranges
Example applications
Piccolo F2802x  40 to 60 MIPS

Single phase on-board charger

Single high voltage motor
Piccolo F2803x  60 to 120 MIPS Single & 3 phase on-board charger + Bi-directional high voltage DC/DC
Piccolo F28004x  100 to 200 MIPS

Combined 3 phase on-board charger + Integrated bi-directional high voltage DC/DC

High voltage DC/DC + Dual motor

Piccolo F2807x  120 to 240 MIPS

Combined 3 phase on-board charger + High voltage DC/DC

High voltage DC/DC + Dual motor

Delfino F2837x 400 to 800 MIPS Combined 3 phase on-board charger + High voltage DC/DC + Dual motor