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Power management – Support & training

Whether you want to start with the basics of power topologies, explore introductory content organized by product category, or need a deeper dive into advanced switch-mode power-supply topics, we are here to help with the training resources you need in your design process.

Learn about power topologies

Want a refresher on power topologies? Check out these fundamental topology resources that cover the basics of common topologies, including waveforms, equations and more.

Power Topologies Quick Reference Guide

A collection of 17 of the most common hard-switched power-supply topologies available for you in an easy download-and-print option.

Power Topologies Handbook

Nearly 200 pages filled with power-supply topology waveforms and equations.

Power Supply Design Seminar (PSDS)

Since the 1980s, the PSDS has been the premier industry-led seminar for practical power-supply design. Over the decades, we have created a library of technical resources addressing basic design principles, advanced power-supply concepts and real-world application examples.

Whether you are new to power-supply design or have been designing switch-mode power supplies for decades, we have something for everyone.

Explore fundamental content organized by product category

DC/DC switching regulators

Learn the fundamentals of DC/DC switching regulator operation, including common topologies, required components and application tips.

AC/DC & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters

From the fundamentals of power-factor correction (PFC) to isolated bias power-supply design, pick your favorite topic and start learning today.

Battery management ICs

Dive into a broad range of topics across battery chargers, battery gauges, monitoring and protection.

Linear & LDO regulators

Start with the basics of LDOs: Learn about topics like dropout voltage, current limit, power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR), noise, thermals and more.

Supervisor & reset ICs

Get some tips and tricks and an overview of the basics of voltage supervisors and reset ICs.

Voltage references

Start with an introduction to our voltage references and learn about the differences between series and shunt references and more.

Power switches

Discover all of the ways that various power switches can help solve your most difficult power design challenges.

LED drivers

Designing with LED drivers? Get design tips and an overview of the fundamentals of automotive LED circuitry and more.

Gate drivers

Learn how choosing the right gate driver can help your whole system design do more with less power.

Multi-channel ICs & PMICs

Learn more about our portfolio of fully customizable do-it-yourself (DIY) PMICs.

Gallium nitride (GaN) products

Learn more about our approach to GaN with an integrated driver and protection to maximize power density.

USB Type-C™ & USB Power Delivery (USB PD) ICs

USB Type-C vs. USB PD: Start with this quick overview to determine which standard meets your design needs.

Featured conference: APEC

Check out our APEC online experience to learn more about the latest power-management devices, view exciting product demos, and explore a library of automotive and industrial design resources to help you solve your power density, isolation and EMI design problems.


Top 5 trends driving change in power management

Engineers designing power supplies are constantly working to solve design challenges that come with the ever-changing landscape of power management. Learn about the top power trends and products to help you in your next design.

Technical articles

Find articles on technical solutions, industry trends and insights for designing and managing your power supplies.

Reference designs

Search reference designs that leverage the best in TI power-management technology to help solve your system-level challenges.

TI E2E™ support forums

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.