Hybrid/electric power train systems

TI delivers all the building blocks, from analog to embedded processing solutions, that enables the electrification of vehicles. TI enables improved performance and safety functionality throughout the hybrid/electric and powertrain systems for the next generation of low emission vehicles, while also driving down system cost to make it accessible for any vehicle to have enhanced performance and innovation. Explore TI’s solutions and resources below:

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Featured reference designs  

High Performance MCU

The TMS570LS0432 microcontroller commands EMB1402 EVM to monitor the battery cells and perform charge/discharge from one battery cell to an external 12V supply.

Protection Reference Design of IGBT Modules

A temp sensing solution for IGBT thermal protection in HEV/EV traction inverter system. It monitors the IGBT temperature via the NTC thermistor integrated inside the IGBT module.

Resolver-to-Digital Converter

TIDA-00796 reference design is a complete resolver solution based on system-on-chip (SoC) PGA411-Q1 sensor interface. Typical application for the design is in HEV/EV powertrain systems.


Featured products

Battery monitor, protection & authentication

Search Products for Battery monitor, protection & authentication solutions

Current sensing

Optimized sensing solutions for today’s design challenges and tomorrow’s innovations

C2000™ Real-Time Control Microcontrollers

Motor control is the key application space for the C2000 real-time control MCUs and has an important connection with our past and our future.

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Behind the wheel blog

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