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Bridging 12V and 48V in dual-battery automotive systems

Traditional 12-V electrical systems in vehicles are reaching their limits. To reduce input current, automakers are moving power-hungry systems to a new 48-V rail powered by a lithium-ion battery. Read this paper to learn more.

Taking charge of electric vehicles - both in the vehicle and on the grid

What’s the difference between on-board and off-board chargers? Learn the differences, how charging stations interact with on-board chargers and EV battery management systems, how isolation factors into system design and more.

Driving the green revolution in transportation

Automotive transportation is undergoing a revolution. Read this white paper to learn how changes in transportation will make the future of driving look very different from our experiences today.

Featured reference designs  

98.5% efficiency, 6.6-kW totem-pole PFC reference design for HEV/EV onboard charger

This reference design functions from a base of SiC MOSFETs driven by a C2000™ MCU with SiC-isolated gate drivers. It implements three-phase interleaving and operates in CCM to achieve 98.5% efficiency.     

Automotive proportional solenoid current sensor reference design

This reference design allows designers to precisely measure the current flowing through the solenoid, necessary to achieve precise control in automotive applications, using a current shunt monitor.

Discrete resolver front-end reference design with C2000™ microcontroller and ±0.1° accuracy

This reference design is an excitation amplifier and analog front end for resolver sensors. It uses an innovative scattered-signal processing method, improving the system accuracy by 250%.


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