Block Diagram (SBD) for a Netbook PC featuring power management for the LCD bias and backlighting, processor, graphics, and memory, as well as the USB interface standard.

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Power Solutions for Intel® Atom™ IMVP6+ Platform AC/DC Adaptor

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A Netbook is a laptop computer primarily designed for web browsing and e-mailing, but without the processing power and storage capacity of a typical Notebook PC. Netbooks are used for remote access to web-based applications and are increasingly taking advantage of cloud computing services such as cloud storage and processing as well as remote access software services. Netbooks typically run on Windows XP or Linux OS rather than more resource-hungry operating systems like Windows Vista. Netbooks generally come in a smaller form factor than Notebook PCs (range in size from below 5 inches to over 13), typically weigh 2 - 3 lbs (~1 kg), and are often significantly cheaper mainly due to less powerful CPUs, minimal local storage capacity, and less wired or wireless connectivity options.

In Netbooks low total cost, ease-of-use, and high efficiency are key attributes. TI's power solutions enable low system cost, low output capacitor count, high efficiency, high power density, high reliability and low total cost of ownership due to our high feature integration. Additionally, TI's EVMs, reference designs, and design tools enable quick cut-and-paste designs from one model to the next, reducing the overall time to market.

Core subsystem components:

  • CPU - performs all operations of the computer according to programmed instructions in the operating system software
  • GMCH and ICH Chipset - controls the graphics processing and display, memory, and external I/O ports such as WiFi, 3G, USB, Ethernet, and ExpressCard.
  • FlatLink™ Driver - serializes RGB data and transmits the information via four pairs of LVDS signals in a single IC. TI's solution supports a wide range of resolutions including HD.
  • Power Management - TI provides the complete power management solution for the Intel® Atom™ IMVP6+ platform as well as most of the analog products needed for a Netbook design, including high-performance battery chargers and gas gauges. Additionally, regardless of the system architecture in your Netbook design, TI provides highly integrated Power Management Units (PMUs) as well as high-efficiency discrete solutions. TI also provides the new energy-saving power MOSFET NexFET™ technology which gives designers the ability to increase a power system's operating frequency and power density while achieving greater than 90% power efficiency from light load to full load.
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SPICE-Based Analog Simulation Program TINA-TI Texas Instruments Circuit Design & Simulation
SwitcherPro(TM) Switching Power Supply Design Tool SWITCHERPRO Texas Instruments Circuit Design & Simulation

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