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Topology Boost, Flyback, Forward Control method Current VCC (Min) (V) 12 VCC (Max) (V) 25 Duty cycle (Max) (%) 100 UVLO thresholds on/off (V) 8.4/7.6 Frequency (Max) (kHz) 500 Operating temperature range (C) -55 to 125 Gate drive (Typ) (A) 1 Features Error Amplifier, Multi-topology Rating Space open-in-new Find other PWM controllers & resonant controllers

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  • QML Class V (QMLV) Qualified, SMD 5962-86704
  • 5962P8670409Vxx:
    • Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) up to
      30-krad(Si) Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
    • Passes Functional and Specified Post-Radiation Parametric Limits at 45 krad at LDR (10 mrad(Si)/s) per 1.5× Over Test as Defined in MIL-STD-883 Test Method 1019.9 Paragraph 3.13.3.b
    • Exhibits Low-Dose Rate Sensitivity but Remains Within the Pre-Radiation Electrical Limits at 30-krad Total Dose Level, as Allowed by MIL-STD-883, TM1019
  • Optimized for Offline and DC-to-DC Converters
  • Low Start-Up Current (< 0.5 mA)
  • Trimmed Oscillator Discharge Current
  • Automatic Feed Forward Compensation
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
  • Enhanced Load Response Characteristics
  • Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) With Hysteresis
  • Double-Pulse Suppression
  • High-Current Totem-Pole Output
  • Internally-Trimmed Bandgap Reference
  • 500-kHz Operation
  • Low RO Error Amplifier

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The UC1843A-SP control IC is a radiation hardened pin-for-pin compatible version of the UC184x family. Providing the necessary characteristics to control current-mode switched-mode power supplies, this device has improved features. Start-up current is specified to be less than 0.5 mA and oscillator discharge is trimmed to 8.3 mA. During UVLO, the output stage can sink at least 10 mA at less than 1.2 V for VCC over 5 V.

The Device Comparison Table shows the difference between members of this family. Reference the individual product data sheets for ordering the radiation-improved version if available.

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Technical documentation

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Application notes U-111, Practical Considerations in Current Mode Power Supplies Sep. 05, 1999

Design & development

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Hardware development

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The UC1843BEVM-CVAL uses the UC1843A-SP, INA901-SP, LM139AQML-SP, and UC1901-SP to create an isolated feedback flyback with current sensing and over current flags. The UC1843A-SP is used to switch the low side MOSFET of the flyback converter and provide voltage and current to the output. The (...)
  • PWM control using UC1843B-SP
  • Over current comparison using LM139AQML-SP
  • Current sensing using INA901-SP

Design tools & simulation

SLUM660.ZIP (3 KB) - PSpice Model
SLUM661.ZIP (105 KB) - PSpice Model
SLUM674.TSC (6331 KB) - TINA-TI Reference Design
SLUM675.ZIP (17 KB) - TINA-TI Spice Model

Reference designs

20- to 40-VIN, 50-W Space-grade isolated flyback DC/DC over-current protection reference design
TIDA-070002 — Spacecraft bus voltages vary from the well-established 28-V to more than the 100-V typically used in highpower commercial communications satellites, this reference design shows an example for a space-grade 50-W isolated intermediary bus converter, while implementing over-current protection (OCP (...)
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