8-pin high-performance resonant mode LLC controller

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* Datasheet UCC25600 8-Pin High-Performance Resonant Mode Controller datasheet (Rev. C) Jul. 02, 2015
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Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
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Technical articles Power Tips: Why is your LLC resonant converter frequency way, way off Sep. 27, 2015
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Application notes Analysis and Measurement of Resonant Tank Current on LLC Jul. 30, 2013
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Selection guides Power Management Solutions Set-Top Box and Digital TV (Rev. A) Apr. 18, 2012
More literature Designing an LLC Resonant Half-Bridge Power Converter Jul. 26, 2011
Application notes High-Efficiency AC-DC TV Power Solutions: An Intelligent LED Backlight Scheme Jul. 15, 2011
Application notes Feedback Loop Design of an LLC Resonant Power Converter (Rev. A) Nov. 24, 2010
User guides A 90-W High-Efficiency, LLC Series-Resonant Converter Nov. 03, 2010
User guides Isolated 240W Offline LED Driver Reference Design Using UCC28810, UCC28811, and Jun. 10, 2010
Software UCC25600-DESIGN-CALC May 19, 2009
Application notes A 300-W, Universal Input, Isolated PFC Power Supply for LCD TV Applications (Rev. B) Mar. 19, 2009