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Add some color to your design

with TI’s RGB and white LED drivers

TI’s broad portfolio of RGB and white LED drivers addresses the growing market needs for status indication, user feedback, and exciting color effects across the industrial, communications, and personal electronics application spaces. Regardless of whether you need to create a colored light ring on a smoke alarm, dancing lights on a wireless speaker, or connection validation on a router, TI has an LED driver than can fit the requirements of your system.

Browse by LED configuration

TI’s RGB/white LED driver portfolio consists of devices that are specifically designed for certain LED configurations. Use the guidelines below to find the best RGB LED driver or white LED driver for your system.

Simple status indication

LED driver devices in this category are intended for simple LED status indication, as seen in IP conference phones, routers, and home appliances.

RGB control

For more complex LED indicator applications, an RGB ring configuration may be desirable. Common applications include fire detectors, IoT routers/hubs, wireless speakers, and E-locks.

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Browse by key feature

One key feature may make or break your LED driver design. Find RGB LED driver devices sorted by those key features.

Pattern control


Use LEDs to communicate to the end user through different pattern sequences such as blinking, breathing and pulsing. Pattern control can be achieved with RGB and white LED drivers with these key features.


Integrated DC/DC


RGB and white LED drivers with an integrated DC/DC converter for improved efficiency, reduced board space, simpler implementation, and faster time to market. View featured devices sorted by the integrated DC/DC topology.

Dimming control


Enhance the user experience with LED dimming control. These RGB and white LED drivers make dimming control easy through these key features.

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