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Our automotive LED driver solutions help you build differentiated, reliable and cost-effective automotive lighting systems that exceed the auto industry's stringent requirements. Our broad portfolio of highly-efficient LED drivers extend the life of your lighting system designs, enable greater driver and pedestrian safety, and enhance the driver experience


From matrix managers to high power density switching LED drivers, we have highly flexible solutions to support your single feature or adaptive headlight needs - all while meeting EMI expectations.


Our reliable linear LED drivers offer scalability across rear stop, turn and backup lighting functions, small and convenience lighting, as well as individual pixel control for highly personalized animated systems.

Interior lighting

Our RGB and white LED drivers offer the flexible control and optimized thermal performance required for vibrant overhead consoles or personalized zone lighting in car interiors.

Infotainment and cluster

Our backlight and multi-channel linear options with comprehensive diagnostics enable you to drive dependable interactivity for display and tell-tale cluster applications.

Featured automotive LED driver products


1.6-A dual synchronous buck LED driver with SPI


Dual channel constant voltage and constant current controller with SPI


12-channel 40V high side LED driver with FlexWire interface


Highly integrated and low EMI 4-channel, 120-mA LED driver

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