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LED indication and animation that enhances the user experience

Are you looking to add simple status indication with 7-segment or dot-matrix LEDs, or enable colorful, responsive LED patterns for human machine interface (HMI) applications? We have flexible options that come with or without independent dimming control to meet either requirement. Explore our portfolio to find an RGB LED driver that meets your communications interface needs, drives greater brightness uniformity and offers extremely precise dimming.  

Product portfolio


Up to 48-channel LED drivers for LED direct drive purposes. Flexible dimming options are offered including simple ON/OFF, analog dimming, and PWM dimming.


Time-multiplexing scheme with integrated scan switches to drive tens to thousands of LED dots by single device. I2C and SPI interfaces with flexible dimming options are available for various requirements.

How to select a RGB LED driver

Is your LED a common anode or common cathode? Does your power supply use line power or battery power? This short video explains a few design implementations you can consider to make a more confident RGB LED driver selection decision. 

Featured products


11 × 18 LED matrix driver with 8-bit analog and 8-/16-bit PWM dimming


36-channel, I2C constant-current RGB LED driver with 10-µA shutdown quiescent current


9-channel, I2C RGB LED driver with engine control

Featured reference designs

Featured literature

TLC59283 for LED Indication with Better Brightness Uniformity, Smaller Size

This application report showcases how to use the TLC59283 to drive seven-segment, dot-matrix displays or a large quantity of LED indicators.