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DMD Micromirror Driver

DMD Micromirror Driver - DLPA200

Design kits & evaluation modules (10)

Name Part# Type
DLi D4100, D4120, D4130 Development Kits for DLP Discovery chipsets DLI-3P-DLI41XX Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
VISITECH LUXBEAM 4600 DLP formatter board VISI-3P-LUXBEAM4600 Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
VISITECH LUXBEAM Lithography System VISI-3P-LITHOGRAPHY Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
Visitech Luxbeam® Rapid System LRS VISI-3P-LUXBEAM-RAPID Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
Wintech W4100 High Speed Development Kit WDST-3P-W4100 Design Kits & Evaluation Modules
DLP Discovery 4100 Development Platform DLPD4X00KIT Development Kits
DLP650LNIR DMD evaluation module DLPLCR65NEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DLP7000 DMD evaluation board DLPLCR70EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DLP9500 DMD evaluation board DLPLCR95EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DLPLCRC410 Evaluation Module DLPLCRC410EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Software (1)

Name Part# Type
ViALUX ALP-4.1 Controller Software Suite for DLPLCRC410 Evaluation Module VIALUX-3P-ALP-4 Software & Tools