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Battery Management Solutions for Wearable and Fitness Devices (Rev. C)

Multi-function wearable devices help people track and manage fitness, health, and medical functions. As these devices become smaller for the user, the demand for additional features and longer run time presents new challenges.

Designing and evaluating an NFC-enabled bio-patch

This paper addresses the design and implementation of a near field communication (NFC)-enabled bio-patch solution. The design serves as a prototype for a flexible solution that would adhere to the skin.

DLP Technology for Near Eye Display (NED) (Rev. A)

TI’s TRP chipsets are a great fit for any display system requiring high resolution and high brightness at low power in a compact size. Learn more about the type of experience that near eye displays using DLP technology provides.

Nuances in ultra-low power designs for wearable products

With the ever-increasing functionality incorporated into the latest wearable devices, power management remains a key innovation area. Specially designed ultra-low power management is required for these systems.

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SimpleLink™ CC3220-OV788 Audio/Video Streaming Reference (Rev. A) PDF 3866 10 May 2021
Out-of-Band Noise Measurement Issues for Audio Devices (Rev. A) PDF 209 31 Dec 2019
DLP System Design: Brightness Requirements and Tradeoffs (Rev. B) PDF 1114 13 Nov 2019

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리테일 및 물류 자동화의 실현 PDF 3752 03 Sep 2019
Enabling modern retail and logistics automation PDF 3826 02 Jul 2019
Smart speaker fundamentals: Weighing the many design trade-offs PDF 833 25 Feb 2019