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Featured evaluation modules


Ultra-low jitter programmable oscillator evaluation module.


Ultra-low-jitter clock generator EVM with 2 PLLs, 8 differential outputs and 2 inputs.


Ultra-low jitter synthesizer and jitter cleaner.


6.4-GHz low-power wideband RF synthesizer with phase synchronization and JESD204B support.


Ultra-low noise 14 GHz wideband RF PLL with ramp/chirp generation.


Ultra-low noise and low-power JESD204B-compliant dual-loop jitter cleaner.


Ultra-low noise and low-power JESD204B-compliant dual-loop jitter cleaner.

Featured reference designs

EN55011 Ethernet brick.

AM3359 industrial communications engine.

Isolated current shunt and voltage measurement reference design for motor drives.

SDI video aggregation reference design.

DisplayPort video 4:1 aggregation reference design.

Equalization optimization of a JESD204B serial link reference design.

Featured software

Clock Design Tool

Design and simulate loop filters and device configurations.

TICS Pro Software

Program EVMs for PLLs+VCO, synthesizers and clocks.

PLLatinum™ Simulator

Create detailed designs and simulations of our LMX series of PLLs and synthesizers.