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Thermal considerations for designing a GaN power stage

This application note discusses the most important trade offs and considerations for TI’s LMG341XRxxx GaN power stage family, including guidance for PCB layout, thermal interface, heat sink selection and mounting methods.

Does GaN have a body diode? - understanding the third quadrant operation of GaN

This application report provides a detailed explanation of the diode-like behavior of GaN in reverse current conduction, based on the study on its lateral structure.

A new approach to validate GaN FET reliability to power-line surges under use-conditions

GaN FETs are shown to be robust to power line surges under actual operating conditions for the first time. This seminal work results in a comprehensive methodology for surge-robust power supply design with GaN.

Overcurrent protection in high-density GaN power designs

This application note explains the importance of this overcurrent protection as well as “latched” or “cycle-by-cycle” modes of operation.

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Thermal Design and Performance of Top-Side Cooled QFN 12x12 Package PDF 3736 05 Mar 2021
Thermal Performance of QFN12x12 Package for 600V, GaN Power Stage (Rev. A) PDF 2937 19 Nov 2020
Maximizing the Performance of GaN with Ideal Diode Mode PDF 895 30 Oct 2020

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Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. D) PDF 1772 04 Apr 2018