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Switching regulators are the most efficient way to convert one DC voltage to another DC voltage. Across all non-isolated DC/DC topologies – buck, boost, buck-boost and inverting – we help you maximize the performance of your voltage regulator IC with the industry’s largest selection of DC/DC converters, power modules and controllers.

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Power trends

Power density

More power, less board space. Highlighted by the SWIFT™ buck regulator family, our portfolio of high-power density devices are highly integrated with high-performance feature sets and high output-current capability in compact, thermally-enhanced packaging.

High-density switching regulators are a great choice to power high-current digital loads such as FPGAs and processors. Use our processor-attach tool to find the best products to complement your FPGA or processor. 

White paper
Enabling Small, Cool and Quiet Power Modules with Enhanced HotRod™ QFN Packaging
Learn how our enhanced HotRod™ QFN package technology enables engineers to address design challenges and take advantage of more efficient, cooler and quieter devices in their designs.
Application note
PCB Thermal Design Tips for Automotive DC/DC Converters
Thermal management is one of the most important aspects of designing power supplies. This paper provides guidance to the designer that will make the task of thermal management proceed more smoothly.
Video series
Managing heat dissipation with DC/DC switching regulators
Managing heat dissipation has grown in importance as power levels increase and IC package sizes shrink. This page is a resource for training materials dedicated to keeping your switcher running cool.
Featured products for power density
LM61495 ACTIVE 10-A buck converter optimized for power density and low EMI
TPS61178 ACTIVE 20-V, 10-A fully integrated sync boost with load disconnect
NEW TPS543B22 ACTIVE 4-V to 18-V input, advanced current mode, 20-A synchronous SWIFT™ step-down converter

Mitigating switching regulator EMI can be a major challenge for many power-supply designers. Devices with built-in EMI-reduction technologies save design time while helping you comply with difficult standards such as CISPR 25 Class-5. Take a look at our featured products below for some of the latest DC/DC switchers for EMI performance. 

Video series
Designing a low EMI power supply
Learn how to meet challenging EMI requirements while maintaining the superior efficiency of a DC/DC switching regulator.
An Engineer’s Guide to Low EMI in DC/DC Regulators
If you're looking to learn more about EMI mitigation, you've come to the right place. This e-Book dives into EMI in significant detail from both theoretical and practical perspectives.
Technical article
How to reduce EMI and shrink power-supply size with an integrated active EMI filter
Learn how an active EMI filter (AEF) can reduce passive filter size by 50% saving you PCB area and solution cost.
Featured products for low EMI
LM25149 ACTIVE 42-V synchronous buck DC/DC controller with ultra-low IQ and integrated active EMI filter
LM5156-Q1 ACTIVE 2.2-MHz wide VIN nonsynchronous boost, flyback, & SEPIC controller with dual random spread spectrum
LM5176 ACTIVE 55V wide VIN synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller

Low quiescent current (IQ)

DC/DC switching regulators with ultra-low quiescent current increase light-load efficiency and extend battery life in portable and battery-operated applications. Find some of the lowest IQ devices in our switcher portfolio below.

Technical article
3 quiescent-current (IQ) specifications to understand
In this article we explain three of the most commonly used DC/DC converter data sheet specifications related to IQ – shutdown current, nonswitching IQ and switching  IQ – and how they impact system power consumption.
How to extend battery life with low quiescent current technologies
What is quiescent current and why does it matter? Get the answers to these questions and much more in this training series. 
Technical article
3 benefits of using a low-IQ buck-boost converter to extend battery life in flow meters
In this article, we describe an effective method to decouple peak loads from the battery, in the range of a few hundred milliamperes, that can help increase battery life.
Featured products for low quiescent current (IQ)
TPS62840 ACTIVE 60-nA quiescent current (IQ), 1.8-V to 6.5-VIN, high-efficiency 750-mA step-down converter
TPS61094 ACTIVE 60-nA quiescent current bi-directional buck/boost converter with bypass mode
LMR43620-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 3-V to 36-V, 2-A low-EMI synchronous buck regulator with low IQ
Low noise & precision

Typical switching regulators require a post-regulator LDO to power high-resolution ADCs and AFEs. But with the industry's best noise and ripple performance, TPS62912 and TPS62913 allow you to remove that low-noise LDO in most applications, saving PCB area and overall cost while improving system efficiency. 

Technical article
Minimize noise and ripple with a low-noise buck converter
An effective way to ensure low noise while controlling power loss is to eliminate the post-regulator LDO from your power supply design and use a low-noise DC/DC buck converter. Read more to learn how.
Achieve low noise and low output ripple with a high-efficiency DC/DC converter
The TPS62913 is the industry's first buck converter capable of achieving 20-μVRMS output noise without a post-regulator LDO. Learn how integrated ferrite-bead compensation can reduce size and cost while improving efficiency.
Analog Design Journal
Reducing noise on the output of a switching regulator
This article presents several solutions to reduce noise generated by DC/DC converters and includes test data that illustrates the trade-offs between noise reduction and efficiency performance.
Featured products for low noise & precision
TPS62912 ACTIVE 17-VIN, 2-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation
TPS62913 ACTIVE 17-VIN, 3-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation

Technical resources

Application note
Application note
Switching regulator fundamentals (Rev. C)
Learn the basics about each of the major DC/DC topologies, from buck and boost to push-pull and full-bridge.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Analog Design Journal
Analog Design Journal
Control-Mode Quick Reference Guide (Rev. B)
An overview of various control modes for non-isolated DC/DC step-down controllers and converters and the advantages of each.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
White paper
White paper
Enabling Small, Cool and Quiet Power Modules with Enhanced HotRod™ QFN Packaging
Learn about the thermal management and EMI benefits associated with the enhanced HotRod™ QFN package for DC/DC converters and modules.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF

Design & development resources

Design tool
WEBENCH® Power Designer
WEBENCH® Power Designer creates customized power-supply circuits based on your requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end power-supply design capabilities that save you time during all phases of the design process.
Simulation tool
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)
Design tool
Power Stage Designer™ software tool of most commonly used switchmode power supplies

Power Stage Designer is a JAVA-based tool that helps speed up power-supply designs as it calculates voltages and currents of 21 topologies based on user inputs. Additionally, Power Stage Designer contains a Bode plotting tool and a helpful toolbox with various functions to make power supply design (...)

Reference designs related to DC/DC switching regulators

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.