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Shrink & simplify designs with our DC/DC boost converters

Efficient, power-dense step-up regulators that meet a variety of power supply needs

Our portfolio of synchronous and non-synchronous step-up converters features size-optimized, power-dense and low-IQ devices for a variety of power designs – from ultra-low power to 60 W or higher. With one or more integrated FETs and few off-chip components, our boost switching regulators offer a balance of flexibility and ease of use for your power design.

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This application report describes how to choose the feedforward capacitor value (Cff) of internally compensated DC/DC power supplies to achieve optimum transient response.

This guide discusses how a good PCB layout is critical for the boost converter because it is sensitive to parasitic capacitance and inductance due to the switch-mode operation.

This article defines IQ and how it is measured, explains what IQ is not and how it should not be used, and gives design considerations on how to use IQ while avoiding common measurement errors.

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