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Regulated outputs (#) 6 Vin (Min) (V) 2.5 Vin (Max) (V) 6 Iout (Max) (A) 1.6 Step-down DC/DC controller 0 Step-down DC/DC converter 3 Step-up DC/DC controller 0 Step-up DC/DC converter 0 LDO 3 Iq (Typ) (mA) 0.085 Features Power Sequencing Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 85 Rating Catalog Processor name AM335x, AMIC110 Processor supplier Texas Instruments Shutdown current (Typ) (uA) 16 Configurability Hardware configurable open-in-new Find other Multi-channel ICs (PMIC)

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VQFN (RHB) 32 25 mm² 5.0 x 5.0 open-in-new Find other Multi-channel ICs (PMIC)


  • 1.6 A, 97% Efficient Step-Down Converter for System Voltage (VDCDC1)
    • 3.3 V, 2.8 V, or Adjustable
  • 0.8 A, up to 95% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Memory Voltage (VDCDC2)
    • 1.8 V, 2.5 V, or Adjustable
  • 0.8 A, 90% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Processor Core (VDCDC3)
  • Adjustable Output Voltage on VDCDC3
  • 30-mA LDO for Vdd_alive
  • 2 × 200 mA General-Purpose LDOs (LDO1 and LDO2)
  • Dynamic Voltage Management for Processor Core
  • LDO1 and LDO2 Voltage Externally Adjustable
  • Separate Enable Pins for Inductive Converters
  • 2.25-MHz Switching Frequency
  • 85-µA Quiescent Current
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection

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The TPS650250 device is an integrated power management IC for applications requiring multiple power rails. The TPS650250 provides three highly efficient, step-down converters targeted at providing the core voltage, peripheral, I/O and memory rails in a processor-based system. All three step-down converters, controlled by the MODE pin, enter a low-power mode at light load for maximum efficiency or operate in forced fixed frequency PWM mode.

The TPS650250 device integrates two general-purpose 200-mA LDO voltage regulators. Both LDOs operate with an input voltage range from 1.5 V to 6.5 V, allowing them to be supplied from one of the step-down converters. The output voltage of all rails can be set with an external resistor divider and enabled with an input pin. Additionally, a 30-mA LDO is typically used to provide power to an always-on rail.

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* Datasheet TPS650250 Power Management IC (PMIC) for SoCs and Multirail Subsystems datasheet (Rev. B) May 18, 2018
Application notes How to Design Flexible Proessor Power Systems Using PMICs (Rev. B) Nov. 25, 2019
Application notes AM335x PMIC Selection Guide (Rev. A) Sep. 19, 2019
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
User guides Powering the AM335x With the TPS650250 (Rev. B) Mar. 14, 2018
Technical articles Automotive electronics design made easy Jul. 18, 2013
Technical articles John discusses benefits of LEDs in automobiles Jul. 16, 2013
Application notes Optimizing Resistor Dividers at a Comparator (Rev. A) Jun. 03, 2013
Technical articles How to Power the New Sitara AM335x Family Apr. 10, 2012
Application notes Understanding the Absolute Maximum Ratings of the SW Node (Rev. A) Jan. 13, 2012
Application notes Power supply reference design for Samsung™ s3c2416 using TPS650250 (Rev. A) Jan. 12, 2011
User guides TPS650250EVM Jul. 01, 2008

Design & development

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Hardware development

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The AMIC110 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE) is a development platform targeted at industrial communications and industrial ethernet in particular. Key to the AMIC110 ICE is the Sitara AMIC110 SoC that features ARM® Cortex™-A8 Processor along with the Programmable-Realtime Unit (...)

  • AMIC110 SoC featuring Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A8 and PRU-ICSS
  • 512 MByte of DDR3 and 8 MByte of SPI flash
  • 2x 10/100 industrial ethernet connectors with external magnetics
  • 20-pin JTAG header to support all types of external emulator
  • RoHS and REACH compliant design
  • EMC-compliant, industrial temp dual port (...)
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The TPS650250EVM-447 facilitates evaluation of the TPS650250 IC. The TPS650250 is a Power Management Multi Channel IC integrating three highly efficient step-down converters and two general purpose LDOs.

  • 1.6A, 97% Efficient Step-Down Converter for System Voltage (VDCDC1), 3.3V or 2.8V or Adjustable
  • 0.8A, up to 95% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Memory Voltage (VDCDC2), 1.8V or 2.5V or Adjustable
  • 0.8A, 90% Efficient Step-Down Converter for Processor Core (VDCDC3)
  • Adjustable output voltage on VDCDC3
  • (...)

Reference designs

EtherCAT Slave and Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Reference Design
TIDA-00299 This reference design implements a cost-optimized high EMC immunity EtherCAT slave (dual ports) with SPI-interface to the application processor. The hardware design is capable of supporting multi-protocol industrial ethernet and field-busses using the AMIC110 industrial communications processor. The (...)
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
High efficiency power supply architecture reference design for protection relay processor module
TIDA-010011 — This reference design showcases various power architectures for generating multiple voltage rails for an application processor module, requiring >1A load current and high efficiency . The required power supply is generated using 5-, 12- or 24-V DC input from the backplane. Power supplies are (...)
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
DDR-less EtherCAT® Slave on AMIC110 Reference Design
TIDEP-0105 — EtherCAT® (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) continuously grows to establish itself as a dominant, industrial, Ethernet network. The DDR-less EtherCAT reference design serves as a reference design for a completely new and low-cost, DDR-less, EtherCAT slave implementation on the (...)
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
Universal Line Power Supply for PLC using PSR Flyback and Compact DC/DC Stages Reference Design
PMP9185 The PMP9185 reference design uses the UCC28710 primary-side regulated flyback controller to generate a 15V output from a univeral AC input with maximum 20W output power followied by DC/DC and LDO stages using TPS54229 and TPS650250, and 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V and 1.2V are provided. A switch on the PCB (...)
document-generic Schematic document-generic User guide
Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA Power Reference Design with TPS650250
TIDA-00716 The TIDA-00716 design is a compact, integrated solution for the Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. This design showcases the TPS650250 as an all-in-one IC used to supply the rails needed for powering the Spartan 6. This design is based on the Spartan 6 LXT family, but can be repurposed to power the Spartan 6 LX (...)
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