Single Output LDO, 400mA, Adj.(1.2 to 5.5V), Cap free, Low Noise, Reverse Current Protection

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* Datasheet TPS736xx Cap-Free, NMOS, 400-mA Low-Dropout Regulator with Reverse Current Protection datasheet (Rev. U) Aug. 14, 2014
Application notes Using Thermal Calculation Tools for Analog Components (Rev. A) Aug. 30, 2019
Application notes A Topical Index of TI LDO Application Notes (Rev. F) Jun. 27, 2019
Technical articles Design a pre-tracking regulator, part 2: for a negative LDO Apr. 26, 2019
Technical articles How to make a simple nonmagnetic AC/DC power supply Mar. 17, 2019
Technical articles Half the space, double the power: How gallium nitride is revolutionizing robotics, renewable energy, telecom and more Oct. 22, 2018
Technical articles How LILO LDOs increase system efficiency Aug. 20, 2018
Selection guides Low Dropout Regulators Quick Reference Guide (Rev. P) Mar. 21, 2018
Application notes LDO Noise Demystified (Rev. A) Aug. 09, 2017
Application notes LDO PSRR Measurement Simplified (Rev. A) Aug. 09, 2017
User guides Universal Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Voltage Regulator EVM User's Guide Oct. 12, 2016
Radiation & Reliability reports TPS73633MDBVREPG4 Reliability Report Sep. 06, 2013
Radiation & Reliability reports TPS73601MDCQREP Reliability Reports Aug. 26, 2011
Radiation & Reliability reports TPS73601MDRBREP Reliability Report Aug. 26, 2011
Application notes Power Solution using LDO's (Rev. A) Mar. 25, 2010
User guides TPS73x01DRBEVM-518 User's Guide Aug. 13, 2009
Application notes Q2 2009 Issue Analog Applications Journal May 01, 2009
Application notes Taming linear-regulator inrush currents May 01, 2009
Design files 12Vin Power Design using Integrated-FET DCDC Converters and LDO's Mar. 26, 2008
Design files 5Vin Power Design using Integrated-FET DCDC Converters and LDO's Mar. 26, 2008
Design files Small 5Vin Two LDO Solution in QFN packages with Sequential Sequencing Oct. 19, 2007
Application notes Extending VOUT Below 1.2 V Using an External Reference Oct. 03, 2005
User guides TPS73633EVM User's Guide Apr. 15, 2004
User guides DEM-SOT223LDO Demonstration Fixture Oct. 15, 2003
More literature DMOS Delivers Dramatic Performance Gains to LDO Regulators (EDN mag) Feb. 14, 2001