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LM36010 Synchronous Boost LED Flash Driver

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Package | PIN: DSBGA (YKB) | 8
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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  • Accurate and Programmable LED Currents
    • Flash / IR Currents Ranging from 11 mA up to 1.5 A (128Levels)
    • Torch Currents Ranging from 2.4 mA up to 376 mA(128 Levels)
  • Flash Time-Out up to 1.6 Seconds
  • Optimized Flash LED Current During Low Battery Conditions (IVFM)
  • Grounded Cathode LED Operation for Improved Thermal Management
  • Small Total Solution Size: < 7 mm2
  • Hardware Strobe Enable (STROBE)
  • Input Voltage Range from 2.5 V to 5.5 V
  • 400-kHz I2C-Compatible Interface
    • I2C Address = 0x64

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Texas Instruments  LM36010YKBR

The LM36010 is an ultra-small LED flash driver that provides a high level ofadjustability. With a total solution size of 7 mm2, it can produce up to1.5 A of LED flash current or up to 376 mA of torch current.

The device utilizes a 2-MHz or 4-MHz fixed-frequency,synchronous boost converter to power the 1.5-A constant current LED source. An adaptive regulationmethod ensures the current source remains in regulation and maximizes efficiency as it controls thecurrent from 11 mA up to 1.5 A in flash mode or from 2.4 mA up to 376 mA in torch mode.

Features of the LM36010 are controlled via an I2C-compatibleinterface. These features include: hardware flash (STROBE) and 128 programmable currents for bothflash and movie mode (torch). The 2-MHz or 4-MHz switching frequency, overvoltage protection (OVP),and adjustable current limit allow for the use of tiny, low-profile inductors and ceramiccapacitors. The device operates over a –40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.