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8-Channel Relay Driver with Integrated 5V LDO and Brown-Out Detection

Availability: 560


Package | PIN: HTSSOP (PWP) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $1.67
10-24 $1.50
25-99 $1.39
100-249 $1.21
250-499 $1.12
500-749 $0.94
750-999 $0.77
1000+ $0.71


  • Eight Low-Side Drivers With Internal Clamp for Inductive Loads and Current Limiting for Self Protection
    • Seven Outputs are Rated at 150 mA and Controlled Through Serial Interface
    • One Output Rated at 150 mA and Controlled Through Serial Interface and Dedicated Enable Pin
  • 5-V ±5% Regulated Power Supply With 200-mA Load Capability at VIN Max of 18 V
  • Internal Voltage Supervisory for Regulated Output
  • Serial Communications for Control of Eight Low-Side Drivers
  • Enable/Disable Input for OUT1
  • 5-V or 3.3-V I/O Tolerant for Interface to Microcontroller
  • Programmable Power On-Reset Delay Before RST Asserted High, Once 5 V Is Within Specification (6 ms Typ)
  • Programmable Deglitch Timer Before RST Is Asserted Low (40 µ Typ)
  • Programmable Brown-Out Feature
  • Thermal Shutoff for Self Protection
    • Electrical Applicances
      • Air Conditioning Units
      • Ranges
      • Dishwashers
      • Refrigerators
      • Microwaves
      • Washing Machines
    • General-Purpose Interface Circuit Allowing Microcontroller Interface to Relays, Electric Motors, LEDs, and Buzzers

PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments  TPL9202PWP

The power supply provides regulated 5-V output to power the system microcontroller and drive eight low-side switches. The brown-out detection output (BO_OUTZ) warns the system if there is a temporary drop in the supply voltage, so the system can prevent potentially hazardous situations.

A serial communications interface controls the eight low-side outputs; each output has an internal snubber circuit to absorb the inductive load at turn OFF. Alternatively, the system can use a fly-back diode to VIN to help recirculate the energy in an inductive load at turn OFF.