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High-side switches

Drive greater reliability at the output for any load

Protect and diagnose your automotive and industrial applications against conditions like short-to-ground and open load. With adjustable current limit, high accuracy current sense, and a wide range of Rdsons, our smart high-side switches provide the optimal solution for your specific use-case. With our switch portfolio, you can find a protection solution for your inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads, ensuring your design is scalable and robust. 

High accuracy current sensing

Accurate current sensing enables real time monitoring of your system’s loads via open load detection without any calibration, ultimately eliminating the need for additional sensing components and reducing overall test time.

Adjustable current limit for targeted protection

Our high side switches protect against high inrush current, overload, and short-circuit conditions. Adjustable current limit reduces PCB traces and connector sizes to lower your system costs.

Robust, qualified solutions

Our devices are tested against the rigorous requirements of industry standards, including AEC-Q100, ISO-7637, and IEC-61000. Learn more about short-circuit testing and results for the AEC Q100-012 specification.

Featured high-side switches


40-V, 35-mΩ, 1-ch automotive smart high-side switch with adjustable current limit


36-V, 45-mΩ, 3-A, 2-ch, Industrial high-side switch with adjustable current limiting


Automotive 100-mΩ, 2.5-A single-channel smart high-side switch

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