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Building Automation

TI’s building automation solutions enable systems that monitor and control the mechanical, electronics and lighting in an intelligent building or a smart home.


Building Automation - End Equipment

Building automation is a distributed control system, an intelligent network of devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics and lighting systems in an intelligent building or a smart home. Such functionality keeps the building climate within a specified range, provides lighting and security based on an occupancy schedule, monitors system performance and device failures and provides malfunction alarms and other communications to utilities and engineering management. Building automation functionality enhances security while reducing energy and maintenance costs when compared to non-controlled buildings.

  • CC1120EM-868-915-RD
  • TIDA-00056

TI Designs: Reference Designs

TI Designs Reference Design Library is a robust reference design library spanning analog, embedded processor and connectivity. Created by TI experts to help you jump start your system design, all TI Designs include schematic or block diagrams, BOMs and design files to speed your time to market. Search and download designs at ti.com/tidesigns

Zero drift PGA based Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers (ACB/MCCB-ETU)

This reference design is intended for use in molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) electronic trip units.  The programmable gain amplifier based design acts as the current monitoring for over-current earth fault relays. Utilizing a zero drift programmable amplifier, this design provides a (...)

Updated 17 Apr 2014

Complete Bluetooth wireless audio communication system - Headset and Handsfree

This reference design offers a complete wireless audio solution using the fully certified LMX9838 Bluetooth module. With Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree profiles implemented, the design is perfect for mono audio communication and control. With the support of an orderable evaluation module, built-in (...)

Updated 14 Apr 2014

RFID Transceiver Reference Design

This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reference design outlines the required components, layout considerations, and provides firmware examples to implement RFID into applications for extracting RFID data from transponders. RFID enables access control, prepayment, and inventory management. The (...)

Updated 04 Apr 2014

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