Overview for Avionics & Defense

Texas Instruments offers a broad selection of semiconductor technology, foundry services, components, advanced packaging and support for advanced and critical aerospace and military applications.



Texas Instruments HiRel Defense and Aerospace organization (TI HiRel) operates as a dedicated business unit under TI's corporate umbrella. This position enables TI-HiRel to leverage the latest technology, manufacturing capability and product mix for advanced and critical aerospace and military applications. TI-HiRel offers a broad selection of semiconductor technology, foundry services, components, advanced packaging and support for your specific requirements where reliability, qualification, vendor item drawings (VIDs), standard microcircuit drawings (SMDs) and baseline control are critical.

TI-HiRel's portfolio provides products in enhanced plastic (EP) packages and full military-class ceramic (QML) packages with extended operating temperature ranges. We offer an expanding portfolio of QML Class Q and V (Qualified to MIL-PRF-38535), MIL-STD-883 and Class-B compliant product lines with extended temperature and radiation-tolerant operating ranges.

It is Texas Instruments vision to be the world's leading semiconductor company, achieving customer satisfaction by providing innovative solutions to worldwide customer needs through standard and differentiated integrated circuits.

In support of the SC vision, it is HiRel's vision to be the world's number one supplier of semiconductor-based products and services to the defense and aerospace markets. In order to meet this aggressive goal, we must continue to both meet and exceed your expectations.

Process standards which we support include: MIL-PRF-38535 (QML) Class Q and V, Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMD), MIL-STD-883, Class B compliant product, and military temperature range commercial processed product.

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Enhanced Products


The TI EP solution is comprised of catalog devices in industry standard packaging that have the benefits of a controlled baseline (one assembly/test site, one fabrication site), extended product change notification (PCN), extended temperature performance, and a qualification pedigree. These products also come with assurance from TI, not a third party, that they will perform to the datasheet specifications in environments that require extended temperatures such as -55°C to 125°C.

TI's EP line is certified to the Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component (AQEC) Standard (ANSI/GEIA STD-0002-1). The AQEC Standard was jointly developed by the aerospace and semiconductor industries to define the minimum requirements for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components used in military, avionic, aerospace, medical and other rugged operating environments where high-reliability and long service life are required.

The TI EP Qualification Pedigree

To ensure a device exhibits the highest quality and reliability possible for the targeted applications, TI performs the following qualification before the device is released:

  • All EP devices undergo a rigorous re-qualification to defense and aerospace standards
  • Qualification data is reviewed and audited for accuracy and compliance
  • Reliability and electromigration checks are done at maximum recommended operating conditions in the targeted package
  • Certified programs and test hardware
  • Electrical characterization is performed over temperature
  • Package performance is confirmed over extended temperatures (some mold compounds are not suitable for extended temperature)
  • Nickel-Paladium-Gold lead finish eliminates “Tin Whisker” reliability issue.

Reliability Concerns Associated with Upscreening:

  • Yield loss and damage due to electrical overstress and handling
  • Mechanical damage which causes moisture issues
  • Burn-in which can cause lead finish degradation
  • Lack of support by IC manufacturers
  • Few upscreening test facilities have the ability to test complex parts
  • No access to TI wafer processing history by third parties

TI's EP portfolio offers an alternative to upscreening for customers who believe that an enhanced product is suitable for their particular application. Although the EP products receive additional testing and process verification over and above their commercial counterparts, they may still not be suitable for all environments, so TI strongly suggests that OEMS qualify devices for their applications. For designers with applications that require a ceramic/hermetic packaged integrated circuit, TI has an expansive product line to meet their needs.

What to Expect from TI EP Products

Many of the problems associated with the purchase of COTS devices are alleviated by the EP products from TI. Customers get a cost-effective device with the added benefits of:

  • TI-controlled baseline
  • Extended temperature
  • Standalone datasheet
  • Enhanced process change notification
  • Qualification summary report available
  • Access to leading edge commercial technology
  • Commitment to the defense market
  • Customer-driven portfolio
  • Enhanced obsolescence management

In addition to the active EP products listed on this website, TI will evaluate the release of other EP devices based on customer needs. Please contact TI's Product Information Center for your needs.

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