Tools & software for High Temperature

Texas Instruments HiRel provides a complete portfolio of standard catalog semiconductor ICs for extreme temperature operation.


The TPS50601-SP MINI POL converter is designed to demonstrate reduced footprint that can be achieved using a single sided layout. The footprint can be further reduced if configured in dual sided layout and output voltage is configured to be 1.2V.


HTFLASHEVM Evaluation Module

The HTFLASHEVM is designed for verification of the SM28VLT32 in extreme environments. The EVM provides 100-mil berg type pins for access to SPI control pins (CS#,SO,SI,SCK), FLCLK, WP#, HOLD#, and power. Additionally, a footprint for an oscillator is present on the layout to allow the population of a standalone 12-MHz or slower oscillator.


Harsh Environment Acquisition Terminal (H.E.A.T) Evaluation Module Platform for High-Temperature App

The H.E.A.T. Evaluation Module is a high-temperature signal conditioning and processor evaluation platform with a complete signal chain of components designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures up to 210°C. The EVM enables customers to develop applications that can operate in a high-temperature environment quickly with qualified components, risk-free without having to screen off-the-shelve devices for temperature ranges outside their datasheet specifications.