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TI analog Power Modules Power Management products are a subset of analog Analog & Mixed-Signal solutions. This page is your resource to download datasheets, application notes, order samples and use parametric search to research other Power Management-related analog solutions.

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TPS82692 : 800-mA, High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down Converter Module

TPS826951 : High-Efficiency MicroSiP™ Step-Down Converter Module (PROFILE <1mm)

LMZ31520 : 20A SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Module with 3.0V-14.5V Input in QFN package

  • Plug-In Modules: Understanding Margining and Prebias Start-Up (slva461.HTM, 9 KB)
    20 May 2011 Abstract
  • NanoStar™ & NanoFree™ 300μm Solder Bump WCSP Application (sbva017.HTM, 8 KB)
    02 Feb 2004 Abstract