Power management

Boost converters (integrated switch) – Design & development

Featured reference designs

Envelope-Tracking Power Supply Reference Design for Audio Power Amplifiers with TPS61088

Delivers an envelope-tracking power supply circuit for audio power amplifier (PA) with TPS61088. 

Low input voltage high current boost converter reference design with TPS61088

Delivers a very low input voltage high current boost application with a combination of the TPS61088 and the TLV61220. 

Getting power from earphone jack reference design

This design is for powering a small system attached to a smartphone audio jack.  The reference design includes a charge pump and a boost converter. 

PMOLED display power supply with TPS61046

A PMOLED display is mostly used in the wearable device because of its low power consumption and low cost. This reference design is to demonstrate the TPS61046’s application in powering a PMOLED display. 

5V to 3.3V 1.2A DC-DC converter with 200mS Vout hold-up time circuit

The PMP4494 is a 5V to 3.3V 1.2A DC-DC converter with a Vout hold-up circuit. The synchronous buck converter LM20242 is used in the design to provide high efficiency for the system voltage. 

Featured evaluation modules

10A fully-integrated synchronous boost converter

This EVM contains the 200kHz-2MHz, fully-Integrated synchronous boost converter TPS61088 with a switch current of 10A maximum. 

8-A valley current synchronous boost converter with constant current output feature

This EVM is used to evaluate the synchronous boost converter TPS61236, which features 3A output current at 5V VOUT, < 3µA ultra-low current and programmable output current limit. 

Low input voltage synchronous boost converter with integrated LDO/load switch

The TPS61098 provides an ultra-low quiescent power supply solution for products powered by either a single cell or two-cell alkaline, one-cell coin cell battery or one-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery.

28-V output voltage boost converter in WCSP package

This EVM is used to evaluate the 28V boost converter TPS61046, which is a highly integrated boost converter designed for applications requiring high voltage and tiny solution size such as PMOLED panel. 

Low input voltage, step-up DC/DC EVM

Features include 1MHz switching frequency that minimizes board size, 0.1uA shutdown current to maximize battery life, and more. 

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