Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

Circuit Breaker Solutions from Texas Instruments


Circuit breaker reference designs tackle common design challenges across all types of breakers designed to protect circuits from damage including low voltage breakers for domestic and commercial establishments, medium voltage breakers for indoor or outdoor applications and high voltage breakers for substation and transmission line protection. TI circuit breaker system solutions:

  • Showcase various ways of improving measurement accuracy and extending input range over wide temperature using a breadth of precision analog products
  • Provide insights on how to improve startup time when minimizing down time before restoring power after faults
  • Show ways to scale power using self-power approach for low wattage design and flybuck PWM approach for high power design

Tools & Software

Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
LM5017 Quick Start Calculator LM5017-QUICKSTART-CALC Texas Instruments Calculation Tools
LM5160 Buck Regulator Quick Start Calculator LM5160DNTBK-CALC Texas Instruments Calculation Tools
LM5160 Fly-Buck Quick Start Calculator LM5160DNTFBK-CALC Texas Instruments Calculation Tools

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