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Wireless Repeaters amplify cellular signals inside large buildings such as airports, shopping malls and other public places and have thus become a mainstay of the wireless infrastructure network. In the consolidation of cellular service providers in recent years, however, some service providers have acquired non-contiguous spectrum bands. This considerably complicates the amplification of a provider's multiple spectrum bands with a single wireless repeater device.

Because service providers are required to selectively amplify their own spectrum bands and avoid interfering with bands owned by other providers, cellular repeaters must be able to filter out or suppress wireless signals in bands owned by other entities. These bands can often be adjacent to a channel that is being amplified. Increasingly, equipment manufacturers are turning to the high-level precision and repeatability of digital signal processing techniques to quickly develop and bring to market signal repeaters for wireless infrastructure applications. In addition, employing digital technology can significantly reduce bill of materials, development and manufacturing costs over an analog repeater implementation.

With a complete IF transceiver signal chain implementation and a digital filter design tool, TI's TSW4100 digital repeater demonstration kit allows equipment manufacturers to bring wireless infrastructure digital repeater systems to market much faster and more cost effectively than previously possible. The TSW4100 can amplify three channels (each 5-MHz wide) and one channel (10-MHz wide) without interfering with or amplifying other channels in the spectrum. You can use the TSW4100 to rapidly implement a proof-of-concept design of a repeater and significantly reduce time to market. In addition, the TSW4100 demo kit, complete with digital filter design software, can cut the time for developing precision repeater signal filters by a factor of 10 over analog filter design techniques.

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