High Temperature Flash for Harsh Environments

The First 210°C Flash Memory in the Market from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is now sampling the industry's first high temperature 4MB Flash memory device for Harsh Environments. TI's SM28VLT32-HT provides guaranteed high temperature Flash read and writing operation and small ruggedized packaging tailored for extreme temperature environments. The SM28VLT32-HT has an operating temperature from -55°C up to 210°C designed for data logging and firmware designs.

For a complete portfolio of standard catalog semiconductor ICs for extreme temperature operation go to www.ti.com/ht
These components form a complete signal chain roadmap for high temperature industrial and aerospace electronics applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • 210°C operating temperature
  • 4MB capacity
  • Eliminates upscreening


  • Ruggedized packaging options
    • 14-pin ceramic
    • Known Good Die (KGD)

Designed to address development needs for harsh environments in oil and gas, heavy industrial, and avionics applications.

SM28VLT32-HT Block Diagram

14-pin ceramic package


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