Automotive body motors

Accelerating the evolution of passenger comfort and convenience

The body motor systems in a vehicle create comfort and convenience for the driver, passengers and in some cases pedestrians.  From single-motor closures such as window modules to full-featured door modules, we have the expertise to help you meet changing design needs. Our products and system resources can help you create body motor applications that are more advanced, efficient and flexible.

Why choose TI for your body motor modules?


Speed time to market and optimize board space

By integrating analog features, our motor-control integrated circuits help shorten development time and reduce board space.  Our packaging options enable more compact solutions.


Design scalable solutions for a variety of trim options

Our broad range of drivers, transceivers and microcontrollers help you select the right combination of features with scalable options within each product family to enable easy customization.


Elevate your protection and diagnostic features

Our motor drivers have system protection features if unsafe conditions occur, while diagnostic features provide further visibility into the system states.

Our automotive body motor advantages

Save time and space in body motor control module designs

Body motor modules require electronic functions to control their assigned applications but are often size-constrained. Our body motor module products help you accelerate design time and minimize board space.


  • Reduce the number of external components by implementing motor drivers that integrate features such as current feedback and slew-rate controls.
  • Help minimize the need for additional product packages with our microcontrollers, which include analog circuits often needed for body motor modules.
  • Shorten design time and free up board space by choosing our system-basis chips with integrated supervisory features.

Intelligently diagnose and protect body motor modules

Body motor modules monitor external load conditions, identify any faults and report real-time status throughout the vehicle network. Our integrated protection features help you analyze and improve your body motor module designs.


  • Build reliable modules that can perform under demanding conditions to accurately sense motor current and real-time control.
  • Enable smarter designs for reliable operation with our integrated self-monitoring and sensing features.
  • Ensure safe states during fault conditions by using our built-in protection features.
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Enable a scalable approach, from compact drives to complex multiaxis applications

Help minimize design resources for scalable power levels and adapt the number of channels across platforms. From simple to intricate designs, our products help you address present requirements and plan for the future.


  • Use our pin-to-pin, scalable drain-to-source on-resistance options to support loads with minimal design changes.
  • Future-proof your design with our driver families, which offer an expandable number of output channels.
  • Optimize board space and manufacturing by choosing from our leaded or leadless package options.

Reference designs related to Automotive body motors

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Featured products

Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers DRV8245-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 40-V, 32-A H-Bridge driver with integrated current sensing and feedback
System basis chips (SBCs) TCAN11623-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive CAN-FD transceiver with integrated 5-V supply and 3.3-V, 70-mA LDO
Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers DRV8718-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 40-V, 8-channel half-bridge smart gate driver with inline current sense amplifier

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