Premium audio

Experience an immersive audio system without sacrificing efficiency

Improving the in-vehicle experience places greater demands on audio systems. Our end-equipment reference designs show you how to optimize for power and performance with our Class-D amplifiers, and how to use our data converters to implement features such as active noise cancellation.

Why choose TI for your premium audio systems?


Provide high-quality sound

Our amplifiers, data converters and MPUs offer the low noise, distortion and latency needed to improve the in-cabin experience.


Minimize battery drain

The advanced modulation scheme of our Class-D amplifiers paired with the power supply tracking capabilities of our boost converters enables optimal power efficiency.


High reliability and longevity

Our amplifiers protect your system with advanced protection features including overcurrent protection, real-time IV sensing, load diagnostics, robust ESD and EMI protection and more.


Systems expertise

Our industry experts can help you through your design process with end-equipment-tailored reference designs, training and direct support.

Enabling advanced audio performance

Power solutions for an electrified vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) increase the demand for even more efficient audio systems beyond those of gas-fueled vehicles. Our power solutions work with the audio amplifier leading to improved efficiency, better thermal performance and a smaller total footprint.

Benefits include:

  • Advanced Class-D modulation schemes that allow for improved efficiency and lower idle losses.
  • Amplifiers with integrated Class-H DSP algorithms that allow for a self-contained tracking power supply solution.
  • Boost converters with direct tracking control that reduce design complexity while allowing providing flexibility to the designer.
Featured products for improved efficiency
TAS6584-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 45-V, 10-A digital input, four-channel Class-D audio amplifier with current sense
LM5123-Q1 ACTIVE 2.2MHz wide VIN low IQ synchronous boost controller

Clear sound in a quieter cabin

Our audio amplifiers and data converters provide a high-fidelity in-cabin experience with Burr-Brown™ Audio, including high-performance Class-D amplifiers, operational amplifiers and data converters. Our Sitara MPUs enable advanced DSP performance for a quieter in-cabin experience.

Benefits include:

  • Our amplifiers and data converters with harmonic distortion and noise specifications to ensure music and audio is crystal clear.
  • Low latency of audio products that complement our Sitara™ processors for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) applications and make it easier to minimize exterior noise from the cabin.
Featured products for high fidelity
AM2732 ACTIVE Dual-core Arm® Cortex-R5F based MCU with C66x DSP, ethernet and security up to 400 MHz
PCM6240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 4-channel audio ADC with integrated programmable mic bias & input diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic and protection features

Protect both the electronics in the system, speakers and microphones with advanced diagnostics and integrated protection circuitry.

Benefits include:

  • Amplifiers with protection features including overcurrent protection, real-time current and voltage sensing and load diagnostics.
  • Smart diode controllers that can shutdown the system in the case of a transient event or overcurrent fault.
Featured products for diagnostics & protection
TAS6424-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 75-W, 2-MHz, 4-ch, 4.5- to 26.4-V digital input Class-D audio amplifier
LM7480-Q1 ACTIVE 3-V to 65-V, automotive ideal diode controller driving back to back NFETs

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
PCM6240-Q1 4-ch audio ADC with integrated programmable microphone bias evaluation module

The PCM6240-Q1 evaluation module (EVM) performance demonstration kit (PDK) allows the user to test the capabilities of the PCM6240-Q1 device, which is a a four-channel, high-performance audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that supports analog input signals up to 10 VRMS.

PCM6240-Q1 supports line (...)

Evaluation board
AM273x Arm-based MCU general purpose evaluation module

The AM273x evaluation module (EVM) is a standalone test, development and evaluation platform that lets developers evaluate AM273x functionality and develop prototypes for a variety of applications.

TMDS273GPEVM is equipped with a Sitara™ AM2732 microcontroller along with additional components (...)

Reference design
Automotive Class-H audio and tracking power supply reference design

This reference design demonstrates a Class-H audio and tracking power supply audio subsystem. The TAS6584-Q1 audio amplifier tracks the envelope of the digital audio input and adjusts the LM5123-Q1 boost output voltage to meet the power efficiency requirements without the need for an external (...)

Reference designs related to Premium audio

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

As cars become more electric and autonomous, designing high-efficiency audio systems is even more important to minimize battery drain and maintain long drive ranges. Building on decades of experience designing, we are invested in delivering the best possible performance for our customers to meet these increasing demands.
– Matt Sullivan | Texas Instruments Automotive audio systems engineer

Featured products

Speaker amps TAS6584-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 45-V, 10-A digital input, four-channel Class-D audio amplifier with current sense
Audio ADCs PCM6240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 4-channel audio ADC with integrated programmable mic bias & input diagnostics
Arm Cortex-R MCUs AM2732 ACTIVE Dual-core Arm® Cortex-R5F based MCU with C66x DSP, ethernet and security up to 400 MHz

Technical resources

Application note
Application note
PCM6xx0-Q1 Use-Case Scenarios in Automotive Audio Applications (Rev. A)
This paper highlights the several use-case of PCM6xx0- Q1 for microphone and line input applications
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application brief
Application brief
Current Sense Amplifiers in Class-D Audio Subsystems (Rev. A)
Current sensing in audio subsystems is used in conjunction with Class-D amplifiers for diagnostics or to provide speaker current feedback to the digital signal processor for speaker enhancement to emulate smart amplifier systems.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
White paper
White paper
Automotive Audio Design Considerations to Minimize Amplifier Size & Thermal Load
This paper explores design considerations facing audio hardware designers as they must develop smaller automotive audio amplifiers, with lower heat dissipation, to drive six to eight speakers directly from new infotainment systems
document-pdfAcrobat PDF