TPS28225 8-Pin High Frequency 4-Amp Sink Synchronous MOSFET Driver |

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8-Pin High Frequency 4-Amp Sink Synchronous MOSFET Driver



The is a high-speed driver for N-channel complimentary driven power MOSFETs with adaptive dead-time control. This driver is optimized for use in variety of high-current one and multi-phase DC-to-DC converters. The is a solution that provides high efficiency, small size and low EMI emissions.

The efficiency is achieved by up to 8.8-V gate drive voltage, 14-ns adaptive dead-time control, 14-ns propagation delays and high-current 2-A source and 4-A sink drive capability. The 0.4-Ω impedance for the lower gate driver holds the gate of power MOSFET below its threshold and ensures no shoot-through current at high dV/dt phase node transitions. The bootstrap capacitor charged by an internal diode allows use of N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration.


  • Drives Two N-Channel MOSFETs with 14-ns Adaptive Dead Time
  • Wide Gate Drive Voltage: 4.5 V Up to 8.8 V With Best Efficiency at 7 V to 8 V
  • Wide Power System Train Input Voltage: 3 V Up to 27 V
  • Wide Input PWM Signals: 2.0 V up to 13.2-V Amplitude
  • Capable to Drive MOSFETs with ≥40-A Current per Phase
  • High Frequency Operation: 14-ns Propagation Delay and 10-ns Rise/Fall Time Allow FSW – 2 MHz
  • Capable to Propagate <30-ns Input PWM Pulses
  • Low-Side Driver Sink On-Resistance (0.4 Ω) Prevents dV/dT Related Shoot-Through Current
  • 3-State PWM Input for Power Stage Shutdown
  • Space Saving Enable (Input) and Power Good (Output) Signals on Same Pin
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • UVLO Protection
  • Internal Bootstrap Diode
  • Economical SOIC-8 and Thermally Enhanced 3-mm x 3-mm DFN-8 Packages
  • High Performance Replacement for Popular 3-State Input Drivers


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Part number Order Number of channels (#) Power switch Bus voltage (Max) (V) Peak output current (A) Input VCC (Min) (V) Input VCC (Max) (V) Rise time (ns) Fall time (ns) Prop delay (ns) Iq (uA) Input threshold Channel input logic Negative voltage handling at HS pin (V) Features Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group
TPS28225 Order now 2     MOSFET     24     6     4.5     8     10     5     14     350     TTL     TTL     0     Synchronous Rectification     Catalog     -40 to 125     SOIC | 8
SON | 8    
TPS28226 Samples not available 2     MOSFET     24     6     6.8     8     10     5     14     350     TTL     TTL     0     Synchronous Rectification     Catalog     -40 to 125     SOIC | 8
SON | 8