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Vin (Min) (V) 3.5 Vin (Max) (V) 42 Vout (Min) (V) 0.8 Vout (Max) (V) 39 Iout (Max) (A) 0.5 Iq (Typ) (uA) 116 Switching frequency (Min) (kHz) 100 Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) 2500 Features Enable, Frequency Synchronization, Light Load Efficiency, Over Current Protection, Power Good, Tracking, UVLO Adjustable Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 150 Rating Catalog Regulated outputs (#) 1 open-in-new Find other Buck converters (integrated switch)

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HVSSOP (DGQ) 10 15 mm² 3 x 4.9 open-in-new Find other Buck converters (integrated switch)


  • 3.5-V to 42-V Input Voltage Range
  • 200-mΩ High-Side MOSFET
  • High Efficiency at Light Loads With a Pulse-
    Skipping Eco-mode™ Control Scheme
  • 116-µA Operating Quiescent Current
  • 1.3-µA Shutdown Current
  • 100-kHz to 2.5-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Synchronizes to External Clock
  • Adjustable Slow Start/Sequencing
  • UV and OV Power-Good Output
  • Adjustable UVLO Voltage and Hysteresis
  • 0.8-V ±3.5% Internal Voltage Reference
  • MSOP10 With PowerPAD Package
  • Supported by WEBENCH
    • 12-V and 24-V Industrial and Commercial
      Low-Power Systems
    • E-Meters

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open-in-new Find other Buck converters (integrated switch)


The TPS5401 device is a 42-V, 0.5-A, step-down regulator with an integrated high-side MOSFET. Current-mode control provides simple external compensation and flexible component selection. A low-ripple pulse-skip mode reduces the supply current to 116 µA when outputting regulated voltage with no load. Using the enable pin, shutdown supply current is reduced to 1.3 µA when the enable pin is low.

Undervoltage lockout is internally set at 2.5 V, but can be increased using the enable pin. The output voltage start-up ramp is controlled by the slow-start pin that can also be configured for sequencing/tracking. An open-drain power-good signal indicates the output is within 94% to 107% of its nominal voltage.

A wide switching-frequency range allows efficiency and external component size optimization. Frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protect the part during an overload condition.

The TPS5401 is available in a 10-pin thermally enhanced MSOP PowerPAD package.

open-in-new Find other Buck converters (integrated switch)

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* Datasheet TPS5401 0.5-A, 42-V Input, Step-Down Converter datasheet (Rev. B) Feb. 10, 2016
Technical articles Minimize the impact of the MLCC shortage on your power application Mar. 29, 2019
Technical articles How to make a simple nonmagnetic AC/DC power supply Mar. 17, 2019
Application note Design Considerations for DC-DC Converters in Fast-Input Slew Rate Applications Mar. 05, 2015
Application note Designing Low Cost Flyback Power Supply Using Boost Converter (TPS61165) for HF Apr. 17, 2014
Application note Improved Load Current Capability for Cap-Drop Off-Line Power Supply for E-Meter Oct. 27, 2011
User guide TPS5401EVM-708 0.5-A, SWIFT™ Regulator Evaluation Jan. 10, 2011

Design & development

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Hardware development

The TPS5401EVM-708 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS5401 Step Down SWIFT Converter. The TPS5401EVM-708 accepts a 7.5V to 35V input and provides a 5V output at 0.5A.
  • 3.5-V to 42-V Input Voltage Range
  • High Efficiency at Light Loads with a Pulse-Skipping Eco-mode Control Scheme
  • 116-mA Operating Quiescent Current
  • 1.3-mA Shutdown Current
  • 100-kHz to 2.5-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Synchronizes to External Clock
  • Adjustable Slow Start/Sequencing
  • UV and OV Power Good Output
  • (...)

Design tools & simulation

SLVMAZ9A.ZIP (65 KB) - PSpice Model
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSPICE-FOR-TI — PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)
  • Leverages Cadence PSpice Technology
  • Preinstalled library with a suite of digital models to enable worst-case timing analysis
  • Dynamic updates ensure you have access to most current device models
  • Optimized for simulation speed without loss of accuracy
  • Supports simultaneous analysis of multiple products
  • (...)
SLVC392.ZIP (457 KB)

Reference designs

One-Phase Metrology with Enhanced ESD Protection Reference Design
TIDM-1PHMTR-ESD This design implements an ANSI/IEC Class 0.2 one-phase energy meter with enhanced ESD protection. The design also features communications through ZigBee™ connectivity.  The e-meter SoC is used to perform all metrology functions and sends active power results to the CC2530EM add-on board (...)
document-generic Schematic
Low-Cost Single/Dual-Phase Isolated Electricity Measurement Reference Design
TIDM-TWOPHASEMETER-I2040 The design implements a low-cost single- or dual-phase electricity measurement solution. The design separates a small metrology MCU from the host MCU, providing both protection from the AC mains and also isolation of the energy measurement function from corruption by other software. The small (...)
document-generic Schematic
Interface to a HIPERFACE Position Encoder Reference Design
TIDA-00202 The TIDA-00202 reference design implements an EMC compliant industrial hybrid analog and digital interface to a HIPERFACE position encoder. A 3.3V supply RS485 transceiver with IEC-ESD and IEC-EFT protection is used for the bidirectional parameter channel. For the analog sin/cos signal channel (...)
document-generic Schematic
HVAC Coil Airflow Sensor Reference Design for Predictive Maintenance in Air Filter Replacement
TIDA-01070 This design provides a reference for monitoring airflow efficiency and temperature through heat ventilation and air conditioner (HVAC) systems. The reference design is used in conjunction with solid state relays and piezoelectric vibration sensors to monitor and react accordingly to low airflow and (...)
document-generic Schematic
Interface to a Sin/Cos Encoder with Sitara AM437x Reference Design
TIDA-00178 The TIDA-00178 reference design is an EMC compliant industrial interface to Sin/Cos position encoders. Applications include industrial drives, which require accurate speed and position control.

The design utilizes a 16-bit dual sample ADC with drop-in compatible 14- or 12-bit versions available (...)

document-generic Schematic
Two-Wire Interface to a HIPERFACE DSL® Encoder Reference Design
TIDA-00177 The TIDA-00177 reference design is an EMC compliant industrial interface to a two-wire HIPERFACE DSL® encoder. Applications include industrial servo drives.

The design features a 3.3-V supply RS485 transceiver and line termination and coupling for encoder power over RS485 as per HIPERFACE DSL (...)

document-generic Schematic
Positive 12V to -12V (0.1A) buck-boost converter
PMP7330 — This reference design uses the TPS5401 current mode sync buck controller to generate a -12V/0.1A output from a +12V input voltage. This circuit operates at 750KHz, requires minimal components and achieves excellent efficiency.
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  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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