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Our solutions provide customers ready-to- evaluate circuit boards for use in network and server power supplies (PSUs) used to power server system infrastructure (SSI) units, large datacenters and localized mid- to low-end servers. These solutions help customers design the hardware needed to meet 80PLUS Standards by achieving high power factor, low THD, high efficiency across line and load conditions, high power density and high reliability.

Common design challenges addressed include:

  • High efficiency through soft-switching techniques using a LLC resonant DC/DC, phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC and ZVS PWM DC/DC with both analog and digital implementation
  • Auxiliary power solutions that provide high efficiency at light load (~10%) and very low stand-by power consumption
  • Low THD over wide load conditions using front end power factor correction solutions with interleaved and bridgeless configurations
  • Hot swap and active ORing solutions for hot-plug-in and parallel operation
  • Smart circuit breaker solutions using eFuse and protected Mosfets
  • Smart cooling solutions with digital interface
  • Innovative backup solutions using a single stage bi-directional topology for integrated local energy storage units
  • Robust solutions for inter- and intra-communication interfaces

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