Single-chip 76-GHz to 81-GHz mmWave sensor integrating MCU and hardware accelerator

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* Datasheet IWR1443 Single-Chip 76- to 81-GHz mmWave Sensor datasheet (Rev. C) Aug. 15, 2018
* Errata IWR1443 Device Errata Silicon Revision 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (Rev. B) Sep. 24, 2018
Application notes Interference Management Using AWR/IWR Devices Jan. 03, 2020
Technical articles How sensor-rich smart stores will make shopping a breeze Nov. 21, 2019
Technical articles Why the future of automation is being propelled by innovation at the edge Nov. 19, 2019
Technical articles How to choose the right proximity sensor for your design needs Oct. 31, 2019
Application notes TI mmWave Radar Device Regulatory Compliance Overview Oct. 01, 2019
User guides IWR14xx/16xx/18xx/68xx Industrial Radar Family Technical Reference Manual (Rev. D) Sep. 20, 2019
Technical articles Driving industrial innovation with small-size sensors Sep. 12, 2019
Application notes Flash Variants Supported by the mmWave Sensor (Rev. A) Feb. 26, 2019
White papers Bringing intelligent autonomy to fine motion detection (Rev. A) Dec. 20, 2018
User guides Radar Hardware Accelerator User's Guide (Rev. B) Oct. 23, 2018
Application notes mmwave Radar Device ADC Raw Data Capture (Rev. B) Oct. 23, 2018
Application notes MIMO Radar (Rev. A) Jul. 26, 2018
Application notes Watchdog Timer for mmwave Radar Sensors (Rev. A) Jun. 08, 2018
White papers mmWave radar: Enabling greater intelligent autonomy at the edge Jun. 06, 2018
White papers Robust traffic and intersection monitoring using millimeter wave sensors (Rev. B) May 17, 2018
Application notes TI mmWave Radar sensor RF PCB Design, Manufacturing and Validation Guide May 07, 2018
User guides IWR1443 Evaluation Module (IWR1443BOOST) mmWave Sensing Solution User's Guide (Rev. C) Apr. 03, 2018
User guides Radar Hardware Accelerator User's Guide - Part 2 (Rev. A) Mar. 13, 2018
Application notes mmWave Radar Sensors: Object Versus Range Jan. 05, 2018
Application notes XWR1xxx Power Management Optimizations - Low Cost LC Filter Solution Oct. 16, 2017
White papers Moving from legacy 24GHz to state-of-the-art 77GHz radar Oct. 06, 2017
White papers Machine Learning Powers Autonomous Industrial Systems Oct. 05, 2017
White papers mmWave radar sensors in robotics applications Oct. 05, 2017
Application notes Adding Flash Read and Write to an Existing mmWave Project Sep. 25, 2017
White papers Cities grow smarter through innovative semiconductor technologies Jul. 07, 2017
User guides Radar Hardware Accelerator User's Guide - Part 1 May 17, 2017
More literature TI Resource Explorer (TIREX) mmWave Training Series May 15, 2017
White papers Fluid-level sensing using 77GHz millimeter wave Apr. 17, 2017
White papers The fundamentals of millimeter wave Apr. 17, 2017
White papers Drone safety and productivity enabled by mmWave sensors Apr. 07, 2017
Design files IWR1443 Checklist for Schematic Review, Layout Review, Bringup/Wakeup Feb. 10, 2017