Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – Technical documents

Paving the way to self-driving cars with ADAS (Rev. A)

Learn how a gradual introduction in vehicle sensing, intelligence and control is already improving road safety.

Making Cars Safer Through Technology Innovation (Rev. A)

Automotive manufacturers are introducing new vehicle control features designed to assist drivers and provide autonomous operation. New developments in sensing and high-performance processing by TI enables these features.

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Automotive Infotainment EE Buck Converter/Controller Selection Guide (Rev. A) PDF 113 15 Jan 2019

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Driving High-Voltage Contactors in EV and HEVs PDF 443 05 Feb 2021
Achieving High Efficiency and Enabling Integration in EV Powertrain Subsystems PDF 972 18 Nov 2020
Wired vs. Wireless Communications In EV Battery Management... PDF 778 04 Nov 2020