Automotive radar

Intelligent sensing with automotive radar

Explore our end-equipment reference designs and pre-selected products dedicated to our high-performance, industry-leading radar technology. We help enable advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) sensing applications with ultra-short to long range, high resolution and edge intelligence.

Our radar application advantages


Comprehensive portfolio

From radar ICs with low-power consumption to high-performance cascaded radar analog front ends (AFEs) and highly integrated SoCs, we have what you need for your automotive radar systems.


Easy implementation

Pin-to-pin compatibility, software compatibility and reference designs to begin the design process make it easy to start designing and get to market faster.


System expertise

Easily access our industry experts in every step of your design process with our broad set of reference designs and use case descriptions, training and support.

Enabling secure sensing and data transmission

Providing scalable radar solutions

Our portfolio of highly-precise automotive radar sensors offers solutions scaling from high-performance front-end radar to ultra-high resolution, low power and small single chip radar.

Key benefits include: 

  • Less than 5-cm resolution accuracy
  • Adaptability to dynamic driving scenarios
  • CMOS single-chip sensor integrating best-in-class DSP and MCU

Reliable and secure data transmission

At higher levels of vehicle autonomy, automakers are faced with transmitting more data due to an increase in radar sensors around the vehicle. Our portfolio of high-bandwidth communication products enable reliable and safe data transmission across the vehicle.

Providing efficient power management

Efficient power management is a key concern across radar systems, especially in power products attached to radar SoCs. Learn how our technologies help design engineers limit noise and maintain power density in the design process.

Design & development resources

Reference design
High-end corner radar reference design

The TIDA-01027 reference design provides a foundation for corner radar applications to meet NCAP R79 safety requirements using the AWR2944 evaluation module (EVM). The design allows users to estimate and track the position (in the azimuthal plane) and velocity of objects in device field of view (...)

Reference design
Cascade imaging radar capture reference design using Jacinto™ ADAS processor

This reference design provides a processing foundation for a cascaded imaging radar system. Cascade radar devices can support front, long-range (LRR) beam-forming applications as well as corner- and side-cascade radar and sensor fusion systems. This reference design provides qualified developers (...)

Reference design
Automotive RFCMOS 77GHz radar module reference design with object data output over dual CAN FD
This reference design is a solution for a 76 to 81 GHz radar sensor module. The power supplies on board convert the automotive battery input to the required rails for the radar AFE, processors and CAN FD transceiver. All of these functions are included in a small form factor PCB suitable for front (...)

Reference designs related to Automotive radar

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

“Vision-based ADAS systems struggle in conditions like snow, darkness, heavy rain. Radar overcomes these obstacles adding robustness. Growing radar adoption is driven by trends of smaller size, lower power and stronger price/ performance ratios. This enables and supports various ADAS use cases from radar-based front collision control and adaptive cruise control to corner radar for blind spot detection to valet parking or child presence detection.”
– Miro Adzan | Texas Instruments General Manager, ADAS

Featured products

NEW Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWR2944 ACTIVE Automotive, second-generation 76-GHz to 81-GHz high-performance SoC for corner and long-range radar
CAN & LIN transceivers & SBCs TCAN1043A-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive CAN FD transceiver with wake/inhibit/sleep
10 Jan 2022 | COMPANY BLOG

Dan, a pioneer in millimeter wave radar applications, has a vision for the future of sensing technology. She's a pioneer in cascaded mmWave sensors – high-resolution image sensors that help vehicles detect objects far ahead with better clarity – and is passionate about developing algorithms for new mmWave applications.

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Technical resources

White paper
White paper
Communication Protocols in Modern ADAS Architectures
This white paper examines the communication technologies enabling reliable advanced driver assistance systems.
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Technical article
Technical article
What ADAS engineers need to know about the new NCAP regulations
New NCAP regulations for blind-spot detection could make your design process more complicated. Learn how TI can help you meet regulations with AWR2944 - a market-first single chip corner radar sensor.
White paper
White paper
How Radar is Displacing Traditional Technologies
Understand how radar has positively impacted safety and efficiency within the automotive industry.
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