Automotive radar

Increase safety in vehicles with sensing, communication and power technologies that enable automotive radar for any architecture

Our technologies, content, products and tools support the design of high-performance, high-resolution and intelligent automotive radar systems. We help advance vehicle safety and accelerate autonomy by enabling the ultra-short-range to long-range imaging radar applications necessary for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Our radar application advantages


Comprehensive portfolio

From radar integrated circuits for ultra-short-range applications to high-performance SoCs and transceivers, we enable cost- and power-optimized automotive radar applications


Accelerated time to market

Software compatibility across the mmWave radar portfolio, pin-to-pin device compatibility and application-related reference designs make it easy to start designs and get to market faster


Support and training

Rely on our expertise throughout every step of your design process through the TI E2E™ design support forums and online trainings such as TI Radar Academy

Enabling secure sensing and data transmission

Providing radar devices for every need

Our portfolio of highly reliable automotive radar devices range from high-resolution, high-performance analog front ends and integrated SoCs to low-power, low-cost radar chips. Our devices enable scalable ADAS, helping achieve vehicle autonomy levels and compliance with global New Car Assessment Program regulations. 

Key benefits: 

  • Extensive portfolio of radar chips for your application.
  • Software compatibility for accelerated time to market.
  • Cascadable front ends offer scalability and flexibility while optimizing for cost.
  • Devices optimized for edge and satellite radar system architectures.
  • Offerings for 60 and 77GHz frequency bands to comply with worldwide regulations.
Technical article
Are you ready for the emerging automotive radar satellite architecture?
Read this technical article to understand how satellite radar architecture and centralized data processing enable improved ADAS decision-making and vehicle autonomy.
Enabling satellite architecture with AWR2544 radar sensors
In this video, learn about the benefits of satellite radar and how AWR2544 is the first radar-on-chip designed for this emerging architecture.
Featured products for scalable radar portfolio
NEW AWR2544 PREVIEW 76-81GHz FMCW satellite Radar-on-Chip sensor
AWR2944 ACTIVE Automotive, second-generation 76-GHz to 81-GHz high-performance SoC for corner and long-range radar

Reliable and secure data transmission

Higher levels of vehicle autonomy require more radar sensors around the vehicle, which means that automakers need to handle the transmission of all that data. Our portfolio of high-bandwidth communication products enable reliable and safe data transmission throughout the vehicle.

Featured products for efficient communication
DP83TG720S-Q1 ACTIVE 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY with RGMII & SGMII
DS90UB953-Q1 ACTIVE 2 MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III serializer for 2MP/60fps cameras & radar

Efficient, low-noise and cost-effective power management

Our portfolio of power-management integrated circuits (PMICs) for radar include integrated buck regulators that help reduce inductor and output capacitor size, improve transient and thermal performance, and reduce radar system size and cost. Learn how our technologies can help you meet radar specifications and maintain power density in the design process.

Featured products for power efficiency
LP87745-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive three 3-A low-noise buck converter, IO LDO & 5-V boost converter PMIC for radar MMICs
NEW LP87725-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, three 3A low-noise buck converters, I/O LDO and load-switch PMIC for radar MMICs

Enabling safer and more secure device systems

Functional safety and security are essential considerations in today’s automotive systems. Many of our radar devices are International Organization for Standardization 26262-compliant and Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B-certified. Our PMIC portfolio for radar helps your designs achieve ASIL B or C, including integrated fault monitoring and protection, without the need for external monitors and watchdog integrated circuits – thus saving both solution cost and size. With functional safety documents (failure-in-time rate, failure modes effects and diagnostic analysis, functional safety manuals), our PMICs help simplify the overall functional safety design process.

Functional safety information
Design Guide for Functional Safety Compliant Systems using mmWave Radar Sensors (Rev. A)
This design guide walks through developing radar systems that meet stringent safety certifications and deliver safety-compliant radar solutions to the automotive market using mmWave radar sensor products.
Enabling Functional Safety in Radar Sensors
In this video, learn how the mmWave device architecture enables industrial (Safety Integrity Level 2) and automotive (ASIL B) applications at the system level, which can greatly speed up your time to market. 

Design & development resources

Reference design
High-end corner radar reference design

The TIDA-01027 reference design provides a foundation for corner radar applications to meet NCAP R79 safety requirements using the AWR2944 evaluation module (EVM). The design allows users to estimate and track the position (in the azimuthal plane) and velocity of objects in device field of view (...)

Reference design
Two-device mmWave cascade reference design for automotive 4D imaging radar
This automotive radar reference design is a cascaded 76-GHz to 81-GHz radar sensor module. This includesa two-device cascaded array of AWR2243 devices and an AM2732R radar processor. In this cascaded radar configuration, a primary device distributes a 20-GHz local-oscillator (LO) signal to both (...)
Reference design
Automotive RFCMOS 77GHz radar module reference design with object data output over dual CAN FD
This reference design is a solution for a 76 to 81 GHz radar sensor module. The power supplies on board convert the automotive battery input to the required rails for the radar AFE, processors and CAN FD transceiver. All of these functions are included in a small form factor PCB suitable for front (...)

Reference designs related to Automotive radar

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Vision-based ADAS systems struggle in conditions like snow, darkness, heavy rain. Radar overcomes these obstacles adding robustness. Growing radar adoption is driven by trends of smaller size, lower power and stronger price/ performance ratios. This enables and supports various ADAS use cases from radar-based front collision control and adaptive cruise control to corner radar for blind spot detection to valet parking or child presence detection.
– Miro Adzan | Texas Instruments General Manager, ADAS

Featured products

Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWR2944 ACTIVE Automotive, second-generation 76-GHz to 81-GHz high-performance SoC for corner and long-range radar
NEW Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWRL1432 PREVIEW Single-chip low-power 76-GHz to 81-GHz automotive mmWave radar sensor
NEW Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWRL6432 ACTIVE Single-chip low-power 57-GHz to 64-GHz automotive mmWave radar sensor
Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWR6843AOP ACTIVE Single-chip 60-GHz to 64-GHz automotive radar sensor integrating antenna on package, DSP and MCU
Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWR2243 ACTIVE 76-GHz to 81-GHz automotive second-generation high-performance MMIC
NEW Automotive mmWave radar sensors AWR2544 PREVIEW 76-81GHz FMCW satellite Radar-on-Chip sensor

Technical resources

White paper
White paper
Communication Protocols in Modern ADAS Architectures (Rev. A)
This white paper examines the communication technologies enabling reliable advanced driver assistance systems.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
What ADAS engineers need to know about the new NCAP regulations
New NCAP regulations for blind-spot detection could make your design process more complicated. Learn how we can help you meet regulations with AWR2944 - a market-first single chip corner radar sensor.
White paper
White paper
How Radar is Displacing Traditional Technologies
Understand how radar has positively impacted safety and efficiency within the automotive industry.
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