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Radiation handbook for electronics

Our radiation handbook for electronics is your comprehensive guide to radiation effects for electronics. Building on decades of knowledge from TI’s expert teams, this 100+ page e-book features the latest design considerations for engineers who work on space, industrial and/or terrestrial applications. Regardless of your design experience, you will:

  • Learn about radiation environments, their effects on IC devices and how to mitigate them
  • Discover testing, procedures and requirements needed for radiation qualification
  • Understand the benefits of using Texas Instruments’ portfolio of space-grade integrated circuits

Radiation handbook for electronics

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About the authors

Robert Baumann, TI fellow (emeritus), chief technologist

Robert discovered reaction of 10B with low-energy cosmic neutrons in specific IC layers was a dominant reliability risk and developed mitigation schemes directly reducing product failure rates ten-fold. He drove several radiation-effects breakthroughs in the industry, was responsible for development of international standards and changing U.S. export control laws, and a technical leader in various TI Dallas and TI Japan groups during his 29 years at TI. Robert was elected TI and IEEE Fellow, coauthored / presented >  90 papers, two book chapters, and has fifteen U.S. patents. Robert retired from TI in 2018.

Robert Baumann

Kirby Kruckmeyer, senior member of technical staff

In his nearly 40 years at National Semiconductor/Texas Instruments, Kirby has gained experience in a wide range of semiconductor technology disciplines that have led to his expertise in radiation effects in electronics.  His involvement and contributions include wafer processing, semiconductor physics, rad hard processing, ELDRS-free processing, radiation hardness by design and innovative radiation testing techniques.

Kirby Kruckmeyer

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