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Powering Alternative Forms of Transportation with Industrial Battery Packs

Read this white paper to learn more about powering alternative forms of transportation with industrial battery packs.

Design considerations of GaN devices for improving power converter efficiency

Read this white paper to learn more about GaN devices and how they can improve power-converting efficiency and density.

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User guides

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Using the LMG341xEVM-018 Half-bridge and LMG34XX-BB--EVM breakout board EVM (Rev. A) PDF 8677 08 Mar 2019
Bidirection DC-to-DC Converter User's Guide (Rev. A) Multiple Files 3056 27 Oct 2015
AN-2087 LM5050-1EVAL Evaluation Board (Rev. A) PDF 542 06 May 2013

Selection guides

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Voltage Supervisors (Reset ICs) Quick Reference Guide (Rev. H) PDF 422 28 Feb 2020
Low Dropout Regulators Quick Reference Guide (Rev. P) PDF 584 21 Mar 2018
Hot Swap Selection Tool PDF 973 28 Jul 2015

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