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Our automotive-qualified gate driver portfolio enables designs across different power levels and topologies seen in hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV).

In HEV/EV designs, our gate drivers help to enable:

  • High power density in small package options
  • Reduced power losses at high switching frequencies through high drive currents and fast timing specs
  • High immunity against noisy environments
  • Consistent performance in noisy environments through negative voltage handling and high CMTI ratings
  • High reliability and longer lifetimes through capacitive isolation technology

Featured devices


4-A, 6-A, 3.0-kV(RMS) isolated dual-channel gate driver with dead time


Automotive 120V half-bridge driver with cross conduction protection and low switching losses


±10-A SiC/IGBT isolated gate driver with advanced protection

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How to design multi-kW DC/DC converters for HEV/EV

Learn about typical EV power systems at the block diagram level, understand some of the reasons why they are designed in this way, and more.

Power delivery

The key to advancing power delivery designs is to increase power density without sacrificing reliability.

Our gate drivers accomplish this with every power switch in every topology by:

  • Lowering switching losses through high drive current, low propagation delays, and tight delay matching
  • Decreasing size through small packaging options and integrated isolation
  • Increase reliability through negative voltage handling and capacitive isolation technology




Featured devices


5-A/5-A dual-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO, enable, and 1-ns delay matching


3-A, 120-V half bridge driver with 5-V UVLO, interlock and enable


4-A/6-A, 3.0-kVRMS dual-channel isolated gate driver with 5-V UVLO

Featured design resources 

Impact of an isolated gate driver

High-power density and robustness are becoming creasingly important in power management applications such as power supplies, solar inverters and HEV/EV DCDC converters

Increase efficiency in advanced telecom power

This application note will outline the advantages of the UCC27282 over previous generation drivers to allow optimization of the design and enhance robustness.

Motor drives

From watts to kilowatts, motor drive systems need to be reliable, compact, and efficient. 

Our gate drivers help accomplish this in mid to high power motor drives by: 

  • Making systems more reliable through both capacitive isolation drivers with high CMTI and working voltages and non-isolated drivers with features such as negative voltage handling and interlock
  • Lowering BOM count and size through integrated isolation and advanced protection features like current sense, desaturation detection, and fault detection
  • Increasing switching efficiency though high drive current and fast switching specs
  • Increasing idle efficiency through enable/disable pins

Featured devices


4-A opto-compatible single channel isolated gate driver


10-A single channel isolated gate driver with advanced protection


120V half-bridge driver with cross conduction protection and low switching losses

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Power electronics in motor drives: where is it?

Learn about the role of power electronics – the various components and requirements – in motor drives through applications that we use and encounter in household and industrial environments.

100-V half-bridge gate driver spins your motor

This application note will outline how electrical switching noise in motor drive applications cause excessive ringing and negative voltage at various pins of the gate driver IC.

Grid infrastructure


Solar energy system requirements are driving new designs to become more efficient and reliable.

Our gate driver portfolio offers solutions for non-isolated and isolated gate drivers which can handle the higher voltages and provide isolation to prevent hazardous DC or uncontrolled transients.

  • Higher robustness than optic drivers and lower cost than magnetic drivers
  • High noise immunity allowing faster switching to reduce losses and improve power dissipation
  • CMOS or current input enables flexibility and ease of use for any system implementation
  • Reduce dead time required 

Featured devices


120-V boot, 4-A Peak, high-frequency high-side and low-side gate driver


Automotive, 4-A, 6-A, 5.7-kVrms isolated dual-channel gate driver


Automotive, dual 5-A, high-Speed low-side gate driver with negative input voltage capability

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Demystifying high-voltage power for solar energy

Get an overview of the advancements made in power electronics that have affected PV inverter technology –particularly wide-bandgap solutions such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

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Learn about how GaN FETs enable many hard-switching topologies for the first time, notably half-bridge converters and totem-pole PFC.