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Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs – Design & development

Reference design tools and EVMs

We offer a broad portfolio of reference designs and EVMs which leverage the best in our PoE technology to solve system-level challenges. The table below consists of our most referenced PoE designs & EVMs for common power levels and system voltages. They are proven robust, optimized for performance and cost, and ready for your PoE application.

PoE PD reference design selection table

PoE PD class
PD input power
5-V output
12-V output
Class 1-3 13 Watts TPS23758EVM-080 TPS23755EVM-894
Class 4 25 Watts TPS23734EVM-094 (high efficiency) or
TPS23731EVM-095 (cost optimized)
TPS23754EVM-383 (high efficiency) or
PMP11254 (cost optimized)
Class 5-6 51 Watts TIDA-050045 TPS23730EVM-093
Class 7-8 71 Watts TPS2373-4EVM-758 TPS2372-4EVM-006 paired with PMP5124

PSE system software reference code

We offer system software solutions to simplify Ethernet switch designs. Our system software solution, FirmPSE, reduces time to market and frees-up valuable software resources by enabling firmware customization. Our 2-pair (30W/port) and 4-pair (90W/port) 24-port switch designs support power management with priority, multiple power supplies, legacy PD detection, field upgradability, UART/I2C communication with the host and more.