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An engineer's guide to industrial robot designs

As robots are becoming more crucial in factories, it is important that they become more intelligent, autonomous, safer and efficient to enable technologies.

How sensor data is powering AI in robotics

From traditional industrial robotic systems to today’s latest collaborative robots (or “cobots”), robots rely on sensors that generate increasingly massive volumes of highly varied data.

Making factories smarter, more productive through predictive maintenance

Manufacturers who are looking to enable effective predictive maintenance require advanced integrated circuit (IC) solutions that cover every stage of data collection from the sensor to the cloud.

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AM335x and AMIC110 Sitara™ Processors Technical Reference Manual (Rev. Q) PDF 23711 13 Dec 2019
AN-2041 LM3434 20A Evaluation Board (Rev. B) PDF 1399 03 May 2013
AN-2010 LM3423 Buck-Boost 2 Layer Evaluation Board (Rev. C) PDF 585 03 May 2013

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