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Automotive Exterior LED Lighting Products Guide (Rev. A)

Automotive exterior LED lighting products from Texas Instruments (TI) help you build innovative, reliable, cost-effective exterior automotive lighting systems that exceed today’s stringent requirements.

Short-Circuit Reliability Test for Smart Power Switch

This application report describes the AEC Q100-012 specification and provides the test method and results for the TPS1H100-Q1 device, a smart high-side switch from Texas Instruments.

TPS92691 Boost and Boost-to-Battery LED Driver Evaluation Board

this evaluation module (EVM) with the TPS 92691 Buck Boost regulator allows the designer to have the flexibility of evaluating the drive current circuit regardless of the input voltage being low or high.

How to Calculate TPS92630-Q1 Maximum Output Current for Automotive Exterior Ligh

This application report provides the method of calculating the maximum output current of the TPS92630-Q1 device in exterior-lighting automotive applications.

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