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System power architectures in body control modules

Complex BCMs require complex power management architectures. This paper explores various methods of powering a BCM to help you choose the best power topology for your design.

Evolution vs. revolution: the building blocks of automotive body electronics

Learn more about the evolution of automotive body electronics and the importance of building blocks in this sector.

100BASE-T1 Ethernet: the evolution of automotive networking

Discover the various use cases of 100BASE-T1 Ethernet in vehicle networking and how 100BASE-T1 creates an automotive-qualified solution for high bandwidth requirements.

TPS92691 Boost and Boost-to-Battery LED Driver Evaluation Board

this evaluation module (EVM) with the TPS 92691 Buck Boost regulator allows the designer to have the flexibility of evaluating the drive current circuit regardless of the input voltage being low or high.

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LED Drivers for Automotive Exterior Applications (Rev. B) PDF 2598 27 Mar 2018

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汽車尾燈系統的趨勢與拓撲 (Rev. A) PDF 943 09 Oct 2019
Trends and topologies for automotive rear lighting systems (Rev. A) PDF 778 23 Sep 2019
動力系統感測器的基本考量 PDF 1301 19 Aug 2019