Power Management

OR-ing and Smart Diodes

OR-ing and Smart Diode controllers make FETs act like ideal diodes, significantly reducing the energy normally lost across the forward voltage drop of a diode. While Texas Instruments' OR-ing and smart diode controllers reduce power loss by acting like ideal diode controllers, they also protect power sources and loads against reverse polarity conditions that could damage or reduce system reliability. TI's controllers provide several advantages over traditional Silicon and Schottky diodes. When paired with the right MOSFETs, they reduce power loss, provide system feedback, and protect systems against voltage and current transients.

OR-ing controllers

TI OR-ing controllers reduce the power losses associated with traditional diodes. Applications requiring redundant power supplies are more efficient with OR-ing devices instead of diodes.

  • Fast response to voltage reversal
  • Status indicator outputs
  • Scalable solution
  • Improved efficiency and reliability

Smart diode controllers

TI smart diode controllers provide automotive front end protection against reverse battery conditions with power savings and smaller solution size than traditional silicon or Schottky diodes.

  • Zero Iq
  • Small solution size
  • Scalable solution