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Linear regulators (LDO) – Technical documents

LDO Basics (Rev. A)

LDOs are a simple way to regulate an output voltage powered from a higher-voltage input. Read this eBook to learn about the basic elements of LDO power designs.

Low Dropout Regulators Quick Reference Guide (Rev. P)

In this guide, you will find our most popular low-dropout and linear voltage regulators sorted by top parameters and applications.

A Topical Index of TI LDO Application Notes (Rev. F)

This document is a collection of our application notes on a variety of linear voltage regulator topics.

Dual Bipolar Power-Supply Considerations for Amplifiers

Learn more about dual power supplies and the benefits of pairing with amplifiers.

Linear power for automated industrial systems

Learn how linear power combats the conditions within an industrial environment.

Fundamentals of designing with LDOs in auto battery direct connect applications

This document describes LDO specification in automotive applications with battery direct connection.

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Application notes

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Determining Mission Profile Compatibility for LDOs PDF 454 27 Jul 2020
TPS7B63-Q1 Functional Safety FIT Rate, FMD and Pin FMA (Rev. A) PDF 105 10 Jun 2020
TPS7B84-Q1 Functional Safety FIT Rate and FMD PDF 85 09 Jun 2020

Selection guides

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TI Space Products (Rev. G) PDF 5596 15 May 2019
Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018
Low Dropout Regulators Quick Reference Guide (Rev. P) PDF 584 21 Mar 2018

White papers

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How to detect and harden a meter against tampering by neutral disconnection PDF 859 12 Feb 2020
Voltage Supervisor and Reset ICs: Tips, Tricks and Basics PDF 2025 28 Jun 2019
Preview: Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A) PDF 3870 07 Jun 2019

Radiation & Reliability reports

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TPS7H1101A-SP Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Radiation Report PDF 2114 20 Feb 2020
Single-Event Effects Test Report of the TPS7H1101A-SP LDO PDF 2582 15 Jul 2019
LM117xRLQMLV ELDRS Report PDF 826 28 Jun 2019